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Girlfriend aint got period since she got pregnant?

ok im kinda worryed here since my g/f got pregant and all she isn't been havein her period do u think the baby is drinkn the blood?? she's 6 months pregnant.


KK: she cant

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    No reason for everyone to be rude. Some people really dont know this, but when your pregnant you dont get your period. As everyone has told you rudly. Congradulations on your baby though! :)

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    haha I'm not sure if you're asking this seriously or not....but ok.

    Women's periods stop once they get pregnant. Once an egg has been fertilized, there is not need for the body to flush out unfertilized eggs. Which is what a woman's period is. Once a month a women ovulates (passes an egg) if the egg does not get fertilized, then a women gets her period about two weeks later. To flush out the lining of the uterus and get rid of the unfertilized egg. So, once a women gets pregnant, they no longer ovulate...which means they no longer bleed. A couple months after your gilfriend has the baby she will continue getting her periods. She will also bleed for about 6 weeks after giving birth. Very heavily for about a week, and then it will slow to menstral like bleeding.

    Anyways, it's too bad that your so ignorant about all of this. I guess I take my husband for granted! lol

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    Girls do not need a period when they may be pregnant. If she should to bleed then there could be a difficulty and she wishes to peer a health care provider as quickly as feasible. No, the child isn't drinking the blood. Do not fear. Excellent of luck to you.

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    They stop for the entire pregnancy and they restart soon after the baby is born. She is fine. Relax and enjoy the pregnancy together. If she starts then you have to take her to the doctor.

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    Didn't you get taught any of this stuff at school?? Why not look online for info about how babies survive in the womb and educate yourself!

    Good luck with the baby,

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    Seriously! They do have this thing called spell checker. I AIN'T sure, but if you had any sex ed, you would know that a woman doesn't get her period when she's pregnant. Do some research!

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    You don't have a period if you're pregnant

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    Wow...........pregnant women are not supposed to have periods...

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    this is the 9430840134343 time i saw this question. troll.

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    I absolutely LOVE free points!!!!!!!!!

    And good luck with your little bloodsucker!

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