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Who reads the American Enterprise Institute writings on the Bush doctrine?

3800 documents. AEI is a conservative think tank, presumably read by conservatives who have a serious interest in US policies, foreign and domestic.

Who obviously never heard the term "Bush doctrine?"

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411 - Gibson cited one, the most widely known version of the Bush doctrine. Palin could have pointed out there were several forms, or discussed one. It was obvious she never even heard the term.

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    Informed democrats who want change!

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    Look, the term "Bush Doctrine" was coined by columnist Charles Krauthammer. He wrote an article the day after the Gibson interview with Palin, where he says there are AT LEAST 4 different agendas that could be called the "Bush Doctrine". If you don't believe me, just read the article written by the guy who came up with the term.

    And tell your friends.

    Source(s): "Charlie Gibson's Gaffe" by Charles Krauthammer
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    Charlie Gibson new about it but had no clue exactly what it was as he severely gaffed on his own question. This is why Palin asked Gibson to be more specific. There are actually 4 separate parts and 4 separate Bush doctrines. Gipson did not ask about which one until Palin asked him to be specific.

    The lib media made it sound like Palin had no clue........when in fact Gibson had no clue.

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    I never heard of it before Charlie Gibson.

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