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dill asked in Politics & GovernmentElections · 1 decade ago

Governor Sarah Palin...?

I have heard women say that Sarah Palin will revert all things that women have been working so hard for...that she will take away the rights of women...

What rights would she be taking away and/or what do people mean by this?

Please support answers with facts and sources. No rants or bashing, I want unbiased, truthful answers please....

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    It is hard to imagine that a woman who is clearly powerful in a typically male dominated realm could possibly set things back for "all women." In fact, common sense dictates that she has accomplished quite the opposite on a personal level, and demonstrated to the public that women CAN accomplish things with the rights that they have gained.

    It is my belief that there are a number of very liberal women who fear her conservative politics, and they focus on one issue only, the issue of abortion. They are so scared to have that right taken away, that they can't see clearly beyond that. The truth is that most republicans are anti-abortion, and so far the right to have an abortion (Rowe vs. Wade) has not been over turned in the courts and probably never will be.

    Take me for instance, I am not a democrat or a republican, but I am generally more conservative in my views. I am morally opposed to abortion, but politically I believe it should still be a choice. That is NOT stopping me from placing my confidence in Sarah Palin. I think of all the issues important to me, my choice to have an abortion or not falls way down on the line of importance. I am more interested in what she can do for reform in areas such as government accountability and spending. The national debt is at an all time high, why not bring someone like Sarah Palin into the picture who has a track record of shaving expenses and controlling debt in her own executive experiences? She leads through example, by getting rid of certain luxuries afforded to her position as govenor because she just didn't need it, it wasn't a common sense expense.

    THAT's exactly what we need today, someone who says NO to frivolous spending, someone who can show through their own actions, to lead the example, show americans that we don't need it RIGHT NOW and we can manage.

    In our get it now, pay later society, big corporations and banking institutions are crumbling....we need a new outlook.

    In all of this, I fail to see any relevance to the claim that Sarah Palin would be a set back to women's rights. It's really ridiculous.

  • o
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    1 decade ago

    First-Tomasyn always has the best, most informative links! It is a common feeling among most American women that Palin was chosen as a hope to win over female voters that had aligned themselves with Hillary Clinton and all you have to do is read responses from republican men to know why she appeals to them- a pretty lady who likes guns and having babies and isn't too uppity. There were other female potential running mates that were worlds away more qualified for the job than Palin, think Olympia Snowe, but, didn't quite have the visual appeal for male voters. By becoming a pawn, expressing outdated beliefs and showing a greedy hypocritical tendency, Palin is simply a good ole boy with a smiley face and different reproductive organs. Her lack of integrity casts a wide shadow that will effectively eclipse honest, hardworking, intelligent females,( politicians especially) and make it all the more difficult to be taken seriously.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    What is it they say? OMG!?

    Ok, so here's the problem. You have people answering you who, apparently, do not know that the Congress consists of the House of Representatives and the Senate and that the Vice President is the, ex-officio, 'President of the Senate' and, as such, may break tie votes, therein. So, when we say 'it takes an Act of Congress' the Vice President most certainly could have an extremely critical role.

    That being said, I strongly suggest you read the Steinem piece and go to (National Organization for Women).

  • 1 decade ago

    Two indications of issues that would be harmful to women that Palin supports (as least by her actions in Alaska) is her anti-choice position and her program in AK whereby rape victims would pay for the rape kits that are used to determine if someone has been raped or not.

    Of course, when she supports aerial slaughter of wolves and bears, claiming that they are over-populated (untrue), that is harmful to all citizens and not just women.

    Also, regardless of her disbelief that climate change is not due to humans, she fails to acknowledge the threatened status of polar bears and has sued to have them taken off the threatened species list. That is also harmful to women along with all other citizens. The list of her ill-informed and harmful governance is too long to mention everything.

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  • 1 decade ago

    She will have no authority to revoke any rights. That takes an act of Congress and the Senate. However, she is a strong believer in the following:

    Anti-Abortion - even in the case of incest and rape.

    So, if there is a case that comes before the Supreme Court, she could use her powers to influence others. She is currently under investigation, which she is refusing to cooperate in because of this as the Governor of Alaska.

  • 1 decade ago

    Sounds like you heard a 'rumor'.

    A lot of those, I heard Obama was a Muslim and he is going to make Islam the national religion. I heard McCain was going to invade Iran and keep up in Iraq for 100 years. I heard Bill Clinton had sex with a girl the age of his daughter in the White House... oh wait, forget that last one, I heard it on Drudge.

    PS if you dont want rants, why would you start with a baseless rant in your 'question'?

    Source(s): Gloria Steinem also said babies are parasites and that sex with a man is always rape... lets use her knowledge for the new world order.
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Well, we can start with

    *she had RAPE VICTIMS in her state pay for their own medical exams

    *wants to teach "abstinence only" in schools as her answer to teen sexuality. Ask Bristol how well that worked out.

    *opposes abortion under ANY circumstances

    That sets the women's movement back about 150 years, I'd say.


    Put another way, women's rights groups oppose her.


    Women's Rights Advocates Oppose Palin

    WASHINGTON, Sep 5 (OneWorld) - Alaska governor Sarah Palin -- John McCain's choice for vice-president -- may be a woman, but she is opposed to most policies that women's rights advocates espouse, say feminists and reproductive health experts.

    Palin has served as governor of Alaska for two years, prior to which she was mayor of the town of Wasilla. © New America MediaWhile many have interpreted the Republican presidential candidate's unprecedented choice of running mate as an appeal to women voters, many feminists strongly disagree with Palin's opposition to various pieces of fundamental women's rights legislation. Her ultra-conservative stance on issues like abortion, sex education, gay marriage, gun control, and the environment indicate that her candidacy is in fact an entreaty to the country's social conservatives, they say.

    Eleanor Smeal, president of the nonprofit Feminist Majority Foundation, states:

    "Sarah Palin strongly opposes women's abortion and family planning rights. She is a proponent of teaching creationism in schools; a global warming skeptic, and an opponent on key environmental issues, such as protecting the polar bear in Alaska, and is for oil and natural gas drilling in the Artic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR). Sarah Palin stands with John McCain, who is opposed to affirmative action for women in public employment, public education and public contracting, is opposed to legislation fighting wage discrimination for women (the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act), is opposed to the Violence Against Women Act, authored by Senator Joe Biden [the Democratic vice-presidential candidate], and has a zero rating with women's rights groups."

  • ok2mom
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    1 decade ago

    S Palin,,, will not be taken away any of the rights that women have.....

    This is all Obama supporters trying to blast her and make people not like her........

  • 1 decade ago

    Well, first off, it's rather laughable, isn't it?

    I mean, a successful woman is somehow going to set women back?

    Uh...Okay. So I guess Barack is going to set the "struggle" back to pre-1960 levels then, right?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Here's what Gloria Steinem has to say:

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