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Why do people always attack your patriotism when you disagree with anything this country does?

Are you an American? just answer it? Do you love America? Are you a proud American? As an American, are you proud to get up in the morning? I mean -- as an American I don't question what My country does? Do you want America to win?

wtf? I thought being an American Patriot was standing up and voicing things that are going wrong ANYWHERE, domestically or internationally.

Do these flag wavers always ask you about 'being American' to guilt you into buying nonsense you know is wrong?


Blase - when did I say this country sucks?

Update 2:

what? I don't critize the country, I like the US, from what I see so do most of the it's citizens -- it's the administration people don't like.

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    George Bernard Shaw had the cynical view that "patriotism is your conviction that this country is superior to all others because you were born in it."

    I agree that blind, unquestioning devotion to your country (or to anything, for that matter) is never good. But it's natural to feel an affinity to your place of birth, whether it's your home town, your state, or your country. And there's absolutely nothing wrong with that.

    I believe that true patriots should always be looking for ways to make their country better, and that is where our view differs from the "love it or leave it" mentality that seems so common in the U.S. (and here on Y!A).

    Many throughout history (and today) have mistaken jingoism for patriotism, and that can be a very dangerous thing.

    I prefer Mark Twain's view, that "patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your government when it deserves it."

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    I am very proud to be an American. I am very proud of America. I am a Republican because the basic party platform is what I agree with, for the most part. I was a Marine and I fought for this country and did not disobey my orders because my fellow American servicemen depended on what I did as I depended on what they did; no matter how menial the task seemed at the time. But that was in the military.

    A true patriot will always question what their country is doing. When they find out that it is wrong they will “ring the bell of liberty”. I question my own party’s stance on certain issues and I believe I am a true patriot. I do not agree with the war, but for a different reason than that of the average democratic politician. The only reason they say to get out is political strategy. They have had the power to do this since they control the congress but have you seen any change? No. If it were Bill Clinton in power we would still be in the same circumstance.

    I went to my local and state convention and I questioned our intervention in the war. I did not yell and made my point by explaining my reasons other than that of the “deaths of many people” type argument. Most of my fellow republicans, including my state representative, began to agree with me. It may have only been a few people, but it was a spark. There was also a lot of resistance to what I said and my patriotism was questioned. But those people did not even listen to my reasons and therefore it would have been futile for me to even try and explain.

    I guess what I am trying to say is that no matter your political party, I think when you get on the grassroots level everyone is a patriot. Republicans and Democrats. There are many more reasons why I am a Republican but this is not the question you asked. I hope that it sheds some light on your answer.

    Source(s): "The palaces of kings are built on the ruins of the bowers of paradise." Thomas Paine Common Sense 1776
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    I have been under fire for the past 8 years because I don't support the Bush administration, I was against the war before there was a war and I am tired of getting e-mails about how I must support the troops (which I do, I just don't support the war) and if I don't, I am anti-American.

    I also had to deal with a president who essentially said to people like me that because I was not with them, I am against them and therefore want the terrorists to win.

    I love my country. I can't see living anywhere else and I value the freedoms that I hope I still have left. But I don't have to always agree 100% with what my country does. Last time I looked, I still had that right. However, if I think something is wrong, I will say it and I will say it proudly.

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      Exactly! These people who wave flags hate everyone who lives here, hate the government, hate the environment, and ignore the fact that their ancestors are immigrants... Yet anyone who wants to IMPROVE this country hates America? It's lunacy. I don't hate America. I hate some of the practices

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    Well the reason why others disagree is because many Americans hold this country dear to their hearts. Being an American is about holding a sense of pride. And when anyone dares to say anything negative about this country, especially if you live in it, they automatically call you unpatriotic, or you are wrong. Look at our country right now. I think most if not all agree, that we are no longer the world super power anymore. Why is that? Well look at our military we are weakening our selves by staying in Iraq, and starting needless wars with other countries. Our economy is in trouble, our housing crisis is in hard times. What I"m saying isn't unpatriotic but it is true. There is a big difference when saying something negative about our country, and basically downing our country in reference to things that are not true. What I said was all true.

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    Yes. This is a great exaple of poor education and primitive patriotism. In a democracy (which we are supposed to beleive we have, we don't it is actually an oligarchy), desent is one of the most important components of a strong democracy. These types you are writting about (sheople) still believe without any evidence that America is the greatest place on earth. It isn't. And since 85% of Americans don't even have a passport the irony is staggering. This country has slipped from #1-top 10 in every standard of living metric from health to education to freedom, down to dismally low rankings, 44th in freedom of the press, 77th lliteracy, worst industrialized nation in infant mortality the list goes on. Since the 70s the U.S. has destroyed middle class wealth and minimum wage standards are also at the bottom of other industrialized nations and we are the only country on that same list that require it's citizen to pay for their healthcare on $6.55/hr, while inflation is tracking at 11%/year ( These "Made in China" flag wavers are equally to blame for the slide of this country, every nation gets the Government it deserves, if you can't think for yourself and question the government you will be led to the concentration camps on your own ignorance.

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    Because they cant think of anything else to say, I always thought being patriotic was trying to make the place you live in a better place, instead of turning a blind eye while you see your county in trouble. I rather try to do something for this country than just be a sheep and pretend like everything is ok and not question the things the government in doing.

  • They shouldn't. As an American, you have every right to question your country's motives and actions. Everything is not perfect in this country and addressing it is the first step to solving the issue. I love this country, but anyone with a brain can see the short comings of it. Questioning America is long as it is within reason, of course.

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    I think they ask it because it seems as the left gets further and further out there, they are less and less associated with this country. They always compare us to Europe and Europe has this and Europe has that. They have just gotten WAY, WAY off the path and it's a path that is no where near what America has been.

    BTW, the far right is guilty as well, they just aren't as vocal about it.

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    This is similar situation to a priest who once said,

    "When I go and help the poor they call me a hero; when I ask why don't they have enough food they call me a communist."

    The people who respond in such ways can't handle the questioning of their own thoughts. It's a sign of insecurity.

    They have a very narrow view - and feel threatened when someone comes along with a broader perspective.

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    Ron Paul said something interesting about this in his recent Rally for the Republic opposite the RNC in Minneapolis.

    He said neocons would want you to believe that being patriotic means supporting your GOVERNMENT, whereas being patriotic REALLY means supporting the people and the Constitution that protects them.

    So the Patriot Act....isn't. (In case anyone is still unclear on that point.)

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