When I drink a liquid, my ears drip a small amount of liquid from them. Does anyone know what this could be?

I don't think the liquid has any color, and it's not enough to literally DRIP out of my ear, but I feel it there and it moved slowly down my ear canal. It is extremely annoying and I am not sure if it's normal. I don't have health insurance so I am trying to figure out possible causes before I go and spend a lot of money.

Oh, and it's not painful at all. It just feels like warm liquid inside my ear after I drink something.


I also want to add that whenever I swallow I always, ALWAYS hear a little pop and when I yawn I hear crackling. This has been going on for as long as I can remember.

Update 2:

Also, I may have said it was a drip but not literally dripping out of my ear. This is not contradiction, because the water is dripping--I feel it and when I put a q-tip in my ear I see the liquid. So it's definitely not my imagination! It's just that I tend to ignore the things that don't cause me pain because I have no health insurance.

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    Something wrong with your eustachian tubes.

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    Go to the doctor, I used to have the very same problem. For me, this was caused because of a problem with my ear's structure, fluid wouldn't properly empty out of my ear which caused pressure against the eardrum. Sometimes when i would swallow or sniff, i would have additional pressure or pain, or some of that fluid would leak out. Going to the doctor saved me from going deaf, and 14 years later I'm still battling with my ears.

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    Ok.. you contradicted yourself. First you said it DID drip and then you said it feels like dripping. I highly doubt that you're dripping fluid unless you have a tympanic membrane perforation and are leaking fluid out of it, but that should have nothing to do with your drinking something. My guess is that it's probably a nerve sensation and nothing else. It's probably a benign condition, but I can ask when I go back to class in an hour.

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    go doc

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