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Whats the situation with Georgia and Russia?

I'm been out of the loop for a while on this issue so can you tell me in lay mans terms, what is going on?

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    After Russian invasion Russia keeps its troops in those occupied Georgian territories. Russia does not recognize them as Georgia any more.

    However, none of the countries except Nicaragua recognized those territories as independent states. US and its NATO allies 26 countries demand Russia to withdraw troops and to respect internationally recognized Georgian borders. Other countries not members of NATO also demonstrate their support of Georgia.

    The West is considering how to respond to Russian agression and attemps to annexation of those territories. No economic sanctions have been formally yet imposed however Russian economy is already taking the heat. Russian stock market lost $700 bln in the wake of invasion into Georgia and on September 17 collapsed altogether.

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    Absolutely Zena E is correct. And the established media are lying to the public (as usual). Who said free press?

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    Zena is correct, but it's not called "Ossentia". It's Ossetia, or rather South Ossetia. (North Ossetia is already part of the Russian Federation)

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    Ossenia that never belonged to Georgia ( and was de facto and wanting Independence since 1992 ( wants Freedom

    Georgia opposes it

    Russia is protecting Ossetia.

    USA opposes due to OIL IN GEORGIA

    That's wants going on. ( PROTECTION)

    Right my friends ( corrected spelling)Sorry re Spelling and it is South Ossetia

    Stand Corrected Kudos to all

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    zena e for President!

    She's correct!

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