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幫忙 急需...幫我英文造句

幫忙 急需...幫我英文造句

1.get worse and worse

2.get rid of


4.pull out

幫我造句 拜託 用以上的英文造出英文句子 拜託


請造4句 7.30以錢耀 拜託..

Update 2:

還有整句的中文翻譯 拜託 極需

Update 3:

中譯 拜託>< 我怕我不知道

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    1.get worse and worse: His health gets worse and worse.

    2.get rid of: They just wanted to get rid of trouble.

    3.mechanic: The train stopped because of mechanic problems.

    4.pull out: I have to pull out all of my investments in Asia.

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