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How bad did the Stock Market really fall yesterday?

They always talk about ups and downs. Is this really anything significant?

What was this woman upset about?

What is a specialist working the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, and what does she do?

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    It was a huge fall in the stockmarket. The woman on the floor of the NYSE is upset because she works for Lehman Brothers, which closed it's doors. She no longer has a job. On the same day, Merrill Lynch, another investment giant, became vulnerable and was purchased by Bank of America.

    Rapid stock market declines like this are scary because it is a sign of the overall "stability" of the marketplace in the United States. Alone, it wouldn't be so scary, but coupled with a 6.1% unemployment rate, and a large national debt, it indicates that the US is heading towards a financial disaster, like the Great Depression.

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    because of negative income comments and concerns that the banking device is in extra extreme difficulty than earlier believed. in case you imagine it became because Obama became sworn in, you ought to imagine the individuals who paintings on Wall street are idiots (Which they'd be). Any ability concerns about Obama's economic rules have already been factored into the inventory market. His turning out to be President the day earlier in the present day did not come as a marvel, so there is not any reason to imagine it had any result for sale. you ought to observe, regardless of the indisputable fact that, that once he named his economic crew and set forth his uncomplicated rules, the market did react, by ability of going up.

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    it fell like almost 5 percent...which is substantial

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