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Italian speakers, how do I pronounce these words?

"Ninfale Fiesolano", De Casibus Virorum Illustribus, and Filocolo

They don't have to be like serious pronounciation keys, just like two dimensional would be like "two-die-men-shun-al", or something like that XD. Best answer goes to person who's just straight to the point with all three.


Update: is for English, not Italian. Giving me the definition for "Italian" doesn't help at ALL. Like I really don't know what an Italian is.

If people can refer me to an Italian dictionary with pronunciation key/speaker it'd be great too.

Geez, I didn't realize that there were so little Italians on Y!A.

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    NEEN-fah-lay fee-ay-soh-LAH-noh


    The second one is Latin, so I'm not sure. Maybe "deh kah-see-boos vee-roh-ruhm ee-loo-stree-boos"?

    Edit: lol, dictionaries. Some people, I swear. Anything for the two points. Anyway, Italian pronunciation is surprisingly easy to master (unlike ours, which has "-ough" and other things I won't ramble on about), so once you learn it, you can pronounce any word. Here's a good start for pronunciation:

    Source(s): Italian major in college, lived in Italy for a few years.
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    Dear Sophia ..Sorry but I don't understand..I try to help you..

    "Ninfale Fiesolano" may be a title of a book..

    ** Ninfa-ae in old Latin were girls that lived in forest.."Ninfae silvarum"

    Fiesole is a small village on hills of Florence..Fiesolano is an Adjettive (living in Fiesole)

    * De casibus virorum illustribus* is latin - Ablativo caso -complemento di argomento..( we are speaking..about ..Cases of most important man) vis-i (man) pl. illustris-e (great- famous-important).

    Filocolo ..I don't may be a name.


    ninfale feimal

    Fiesolano ..phiesolano

    virorum -- vee-ro-room


    Filocolo --phi-lokolo .. Francis from town of Florence -Italy

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    i dont know

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