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Can you please give me facts about Lake Washington...?

i want to know some really interseting facts

10pts to the first person who is interesting

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    Lake Washington is the second largest natural lake in state of Washington (after Lake Chelan) and the largest lake in King County.

    Lake Washington received its present name in 1854 after Thomas Mercer suggested it be named after George Washington, as the new Washington Territory had been named the year before. [omg, named after George Washington? who knew??]

    The Duwamish called it "Lake Xacuabš" (Lushootseed: literally great-amount-of-water).

    Kenmore Air operates passenger seaplane service at Kenmore Air Harbor at the northern end of the lake.

    Lake Washington is a ribbon lake, which are long, narrow and finger-like. Ribbon lakes were formed thousands of years ago during the ice age through glaciation: as the glacier bulldozed through a valley (glacial trough), it met bands of harder and softer rock.

    Before construction of the Lake Washington Ship Canal in 1916, Lake Washington's outlet was the Black River, which joined the Duwamish River and emptied into Elliott Bay. When the canal was opened the level of the lake dropped nearly nine feet (3 m). The canal to the Puget Sound became the lake's sole outlet, causing the Black River to dry up and disappear.

    The Evergreen Point, Lacey V. Murrow, and Third Lake Washington bridges [over the lake] are the longest, second longest, and fifth longest floating bridges in the world, respectively.

    In 1950, approximately one year after the tolls were removed from the Murrow bridge, the inland ferry system on the lake came to an end, having operated since the 1880s.

    The area of Lake Washington boasts several areas of high affluence. Bill Gates's estate is situated along its Medina waterfront, while Paul Allen lives on Mercer Island.

    I don't know about this one, but the lake's fish include sturgeon up to 14' long and...piranhas, apparently released after a World's Fair[1962 Seattle, I guess]:

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