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spybot search and destroy problems?

everytime i do a scan with Spybot S&D it gets a few viruses that come up. then i hit fix selected problems, but the viruses dont go away. I also know that because ill do a scan again and the viruses will be one there again, the same exact ones. whats going on?

one of the viruses is smitfraud


safe mode isnt working right for me for some reason, it will just come to that black screen right before you log on, but nothing will happen

Update 2:

and whenever i do a search on google and click one of the results, it will always take me to a completely different page. really weird.

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    Make sure that it is configured properly:

    Launch the Spybot - Search & Destroy installer. At the select components windows, check in all the check boxes. At the select additional tasks, make sure that ONLY the Use Internet Explorer Protection box is checked in. DO NOT use tea timer! This program can go from great and amazing to horrible if you install tea timer, you have been warned. The program will then try to download updates (That's what the Ethernet cable was for). If for any reason you don't have one available, or it doesn't work, go back and uncheck Download updates.

    Once the program is installed launch it. The first time it will give you a warning about how some programs require that you keep spyware in order to work. I would check in the box so that you're never warned about this again. If the program needs spyware, you don't want it anyways. You will be given a short little introduction to the program at this point. This is not important at all. Click next over and over, and then on the last slide click start using the program.

    Now to configure it properly. Click on mode and choose advanced mode. Then click on settings, followed by the file sets tab. Make sure that they are all checked in. Then click on the settings tab... This one is a little complicated, so I'll just let you know which sections need to be changed. If a setting option is not listed, leave it the way it is:

    * Main settings (only the following should be checked in)

    o I do know about all that legal stuff

    o Save all settings

    * Automation (again, only these should be checked in)

    o Program start

    + Fix all problems on program start

    + Rerun checks after fixing problems

    + Immunize on program start if program has been updated

    + Don't ask for fixing confirmation

    + Wait a few seconds if something else than spies were found

    o System Start

    + Fix all problems on program start

    + Wait a few seconds if something else than spies were found

    + Close program if everything's O.K.

    o Web update

    + Search the web for new versions at each program start

    + Download updated include files if available online

    + Display available beta versions

    + Display updates for other languages

    + Display new and updates skins

    + Display PGP signature updates

    * Expert settings

    o Use shredder to remove usage tracks

    o Use shredder when purging recovery files

    o Show expert buttons in results list

    o Show expert buttons in recovery list

    Now click on the Directories tab, right click on the empty space, and add your desktop. Then click on ignore products, click on the empty space of the all products windows, and choose Deselect all. Then finally click on the Ignore System Internals tab, and remove all the entries.

    Then click on the tools tab on the bottom left hand corner, check in the "Hosts File" box, and then finally click on the Hosts File tab on the left. You will get a complete list of your host files. Select them all, and click on "Remove selected entries"

    Finally click on the Spybot-S&D tab, then Immunize, and make sure everything is Immunized. Then on the update tab, search for updates, and when you get the list, right click on the empty space and select them all. On occasion some of the updates may restart spybot. If this happens, make sure that all the above settings are still in place.

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    i had the same problem the viruses are in deep but i might be able to help you. You need to turn off system restore to do this right click on my computer then click properties then click the tab that says system restore and turn it off then restart you computer in safe mode (this will make it so the viruses wont start when you start windows) after you start your computer in safe mode run scans with spybot this should do it if not they are too deep in your system and you will have to bring it to someone who can pull your hard drive and do a scan like that


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    Spybot picks up spyware not viruses..

    Make sure it is updated to the latest version 1.6 and all updates are applied and make sure it is set to immunize and the tea timer is on and the other one above the tea timer check box is on too.

    Sometimes it will come up with spyware the next time but not all spyware is bad (unlike viruses)

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    There are many different versions of the zlob trogan that spybot can not detect. I know this because i had Avast detect a zlob trogan that spybot missed.

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    You should scan on safe mode while scanning. Also turn off system restore.

    Also try using these two programs

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    smitfraud is had to un install but try this site:

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