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Did I use the capitalized vocabulary words correctly in a sentence?

1. Her table manners were an ABOMINATION because she chewed with her mouth open.

2. My mom was ADAMANT that I do my homework before I go to sleep.

3. Bob had the AUDACITY to yell at his parents.

4.The AVARICIOUS contestant already won $500,000, but he deicide to try for $1,000,000.

5. The AVID soccer player practiced every day despite the weather.

6. The salesperson used convincing words to BEGUILE the customer into buying the product.

7. Bob EXUDES confidence when he competes in contests.

8. The jury found the criminal guilty because they thought his defense as INCREDULOUS.

9. The LICENTIOUS teenager tried to sneak into a strip club.

10. Bob’s peers REPUDIATED him because he was a traitor and a liar.

11. The toddler VEXED Bob because she kept crying.

12. Bob used his little brother as a SCAPEGOAT when he got in trouble.

13. Bob fainted after the ARDUOUS exercise.

14. The unidentifiable ORB in the sky glowed like a light bulb.

15. The PRODIGIOUS tree towered above the houses.

16. Bob USURPED his position as a candidate in the election by bribing voters.

17. The SPURIOUS child was forced to go to the orphanage because she didn’t know who her parents were.

18. Bob was a CRUCIBLE because he didn’t panic during the nerve-racking test.

19. Scientists discovered that the INSIDIOUS substance was addicting and damaging.

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    more or less. they aren't ideal, but i understand they way in which you have to use them, so it's ok. a few don't sound right though.

    16."usurped" is technically ok, but a better sentence would be one that more clearly implies that he forced someone else out. the way it is used now just doesn't quite fit.

    18. here are the definitions of "crucible" according to merriam-webster

    1 : a vessel of a very refractory material (as porcelain) used for melting and calcining a substance that requires a high degree of heat 2 : a severe test 3 : a place or situation in which concentrated forces interact to cause or influence change or development <conditioned by having grown up within the crucible of Chinatown — Tom Wolfe>

    your sentence doesn't quite fit those definitions. i see where you were trying to go, but it doesn't quite work out.

    all in all you seem to have done the assignment very well though.

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    Most are fine.

    8. Leave out "as".

    16. Not quite right ... You could say Bob USURPED John as the candidate ...

    18. A person can't be a crucible. A crucible is a test.

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    yes they all are appropriate uses of the words, except i know my teacher always hated hearing about the same person or story [all of the references are to bob] but that was just my teachers preference!

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