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WEIRDEST ELVIS OCD STORY YOU'LL EVER HEAR? My sister is obsessed with Elvis which seems to border on insanity?

My sister's every waking thought revolves around Elvis. Almost everything in her room is covered in Elvis crap. She only watches Elvis's old movies and listen to his songs, she also only drinks out of an Elvis drinking glass. Is this a normal obsession for a thirteen year old girl? It's seems very unhealthy. She also owns several shirts that she is always wearing with Elvis's head on it. When she is home she only wears her Elvis scrub top that she has turned into her official set of pajamas? She also has a marriage portrait of Elvis and his wife next to her bed. She also cried more watching Elvis's funeral on DVD then her own grandfather's funeral. Please advise is she OCD or not?

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    I'd get used to it big brother :)

    I mean this seriously and sincerely.

    My brother had to get used to it. It's normal and part of becoming a life-long Elvis fan. Every Elvis fan has been to that extreme. Hey - I once had to buy a stupid key chain because it had the name of "Hound Dog". I was a little younger than your sister at the time. Really - it's not unhealthy and It'll balance out, but get used to that room because it's never gonna change. :)

    Elvis fans are a unique breed and it's really hard to explain. Elvis fans know how unique they are, how being a fan is so much different than being a fan of anyone else. They know what Elvis means to them and other Elvis fans, we have a bond but to try to explain this to someone who doesn't understand this and isn't an Elvis fan, is impossible - honestly. We collect and every Elvis fan collects different things. Right now, she's collecting everything and anything of Elvis for two reasons, she's 13....and it's all new to her, she trying to learn about Elvis, understand what he's like. I've been a fan long enough where I have learned what it's like to be an Elvis fan and what it means to be an Elvis fan and Elvis means to me and that's what your sister is trying to do, learn how to be a true Elvis fan and what Elvis truly means to her. I know it all sounds crazy, but it's so true. Elvis fans want the best for him, he's like a family member to us.

    I know you're probaby rolling your eyes at me now, my brother did for awhile, but then he saw me cry as we toured Graceland for the very first time. He finally knew what Elvis meant to me. I can't watch his funeral on TV, without crying, I can't walk past his grave, without crying. As for your Grandfather's funeral, I don't mean any disrepect, but she didn't understand it. She didn't understand why he died. My grandma died earlier this year and I didn't cry right away because it's the first time anyone close to me has died. I didn't know what to think, it's wasn't until the funeral that I started really crying, but I understood things that your sister may not have. With Elvis, right now, I don't think she understands why she's crying, it's just a reaction to everyone else crying in these DVD's and seeing Elvis in a casket. That's hard enough. I think she's crying more because he's gone and she never got to see him. In time there'll be reason behind her tears. Another thing to get used to is 'happy tears' because I'll go to Graceland and cry at the enormous amount of love and feeling of knowing that Elvis means so much to so many.

    I'm sitting here giving you this big huge explanation and any Elvis fan will understand what I'm trying to say, I hope you do, even if just a little bit. In time you will understand. It's normal, she's 13, she's becoming a life-long Elvis fan and she's new to it. Just think about anything you have been new too. We go overboard at the beginning, but we balance out.

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    Not OCD, but definately something is off.

    Then again, she's thirteen, and that's a really crazy stage in some peoples' lives. Maybe Elvis is the only thing that's stable right now.

    If it continues, though, you could take her to a child psychologist..

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