can I get a crash course on One Tree Hill?

Alright, so I've heard a lot of good things about one tree hill but I've never decided to watch it. Now, however, I decided I might be interested, but It supposedly has a steep learning curve for newer viewers. So, as to get myself prepared, I would appreciate a crash course on one tree hill, pretty much every season up until last episode, and a lot of small things a real fan would know, character info, ect.

Thanks so much everyone, this may take awhile but I'm sure you can help introduce me to One Tree Hill!

P.S. please don't send me the link to another page, particularly the wikipedia page, it's a little TOO long.

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    There's no way to keep this short, but i'll try. i have all the seasons on da=vd and i watch tem alot. It all started off with Lucas(CMM) and Nathan(JL) as half brothers who hated each other. In season 1 they hate each other and get into a few fights. Nathan starts to date Haley to piss of Lucas. Lucas dates Brooke and then starts making out with Peyton AKA Nathan's ex-girlfriend. At the end of season one Lucas and Nathan are cool. Nathan and Haley are married. And lucas has no girlfriend.

    Season two, was a fun season, kinda. Haley leaves nathan to go on tour. Brooke hooks-up with the new guy felix. Lucas likes brooke but like i mentioned she's already with some one.

    Season three has the best music. but it's aslo the saddest season. haley's back. Nathan and Lucas are fighting. Brooke plays hard to get with Lucas. There's a new girl in town, named Rachel and she doesn;'t get along well with brooke. Plus this is also the season of the skool shooting.

    Season 4 is a happier season. Everyone is thinking of the future. Nathan gets into some basketball trouble. Peyton gets attacked by a physco stalker. Brooke is trying to hook up with a guy named Chase who is part of a virginty for life club. Nathan and Haley have a baby. Rachel sleeps with Nathan's older uncle Cooper and then gets in a car accident.

    Season 5 happens four years later after everyone has finished college. Nathan has a back injury damaging his B-ball career. Haley is a teacher. Lucas is the B-ball coach and a bestselling aruthor. Peyton works for a record label. Brooke has her own clothing like. Lucas asked Peyton to marry him but she turned him down and moved on to a new girl named Lindsay and they were going to get married but when Peyton shows up in town Lindsay can't help but notice the changes in Lucas.

    Season 6 so far is good too.

    i didn't mention the adults but basically. Dan is an ***. Keith was a good guy, he died in the school shooting. Karen is a good mom when she's not being blinded by dan in season 4. Deb is a druggie slash acholoic but she can be cool when she's sober. Coach Whitey he's hard on the boys but he's like their personal councler they go to him for guiadence and help.

    Other charaters i didn't mention are: Mouth who is a great friend to every one. Skills Lucas' bff and great basketball player. Bevin who's a cheerleader like Brooke and Peyton. Bevin goes out with Skills season 3. Tim who is the jokester. we don't see him after season two but he was Nathan's bff.

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    Wow, well there's really no way you can sum up OTH shortly. Personally, the best way is to watch all the seasons and then catch up. That's how I did it because I was real small when I started OTH and needed to re-evaluate things. Basically, there's a lot of love triangles, rectangles, and all shorts of different love shapes. Many issues and fantastic quotes.

    I would sum it up for you but I'd probably be giving you the same thing as Wikipedia in length.

    It's full plot of every single show in a season is what makes it great. =]

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    ok.. i'm gonna give it a try.

    lucas, peyton, nathan, brooke, hayley MAIN characters.

    skills, Dan (nathans dad), nathans mother deb, mouth, some not so major characters, but important none the less.

    lucas & nathan=half brothers

    hate each other in the beginning, end up being best friends. nathan marries hayley, they have a kid. lucas dated brooke at first, then he dated peyton. 5th season he dated lindsey, that didn't work out, now he's engaged to peyton.

    mmm... brooke is now a fashion designer, mouth has a girlfriend name millicent, brookes mom is evil, dan is evil (he killed his brother keith, who everyone loved, he went to jail, got out on good behavior), hayley left nathan for a bit to pursue music, came back, they forgave each other, ran into some other issues with a psycho nanny, who is now trying to kill Dan (Nathans dad). Deb and skills (one of lucas good friends, only black character) have a ... thing. slightly disturbing.

    nathan & lucas both love basketball (back in high school) nathan was the star, lucas showed up on the scene and became a star as well. but now, since nathan became injured, he doesn't do much basketball anymore, but he is trying to get better. lucas is a writer, and has so far published 2 books (1st one was about the tree hill ravens, their basketball team, the other was about a comet, AKA the car peyton owned. also the reason lindsey knew he was still in love with peyton) peyton's mom died in a car accident when she was young, then she found her real mom (she was adopted) and her real mom died of cancer.

    lucas asked peyton marry him once, and she said no, cuz she wasn't ready.

    there is SO MUCH more. but this is about as crash a course as i can give ya without writing a novel on here.

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    its A LOT of dramma

    it doesnt end, there is happy points, sad points, scary, crazy sweet and just overly dramatic

    its a huge cliff hanger show but you keep watching becuase its just soooo awesome and u wnat to know. i would recommend it to anyone to watch. i have already gotten more than 15 people to watch it and they luv it!!!!!! you cant just sum up this show, it would be too long.

    i started watching it in the middle of the 3rd season and bought the other seasons to catch up, thats relaly wat u hsould do :)

    i hope u watch and luv it :)

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