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synonym and antonym help? ?

what are synonym and antonyms of the words;

indolently, scruples, futile, and avail?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    synonym and antonym are opposites of each other

    synonym means "similar" to

    antonym means "opposite" of

    These are synonyms:


    2.scruples=ethics, morals

    3.futile=foolish, pointless

    4.avail=positive outcome, benefit


    1.diligent, industrious

    2.heathen, corrupt



  • 1 decade ago

    Indolent, synonyms: Lazy, laid-back, lethargic, idle, sluggish, slothful, apathetic.

    Antonyms: Industrious, busy, productive, hard-working, conscientious, diligent, active, assiduous.

    Scruples, synonyms: Misgivings, doubts, qualms, compunctions, regrets, hesitations, second thoughts, pangs of conscience.

    Antonyms: Hunch, gut feeling, premonition, instinct, sixth sense.

    Futile, synonyms: Useless, pointless, fruitless, unsuccessful, vain, ineffective, wasted.

    Antonyms: Useful, fruitful, of use, helpful, beneficial, expedient, worthwhile, of use.

    Avail, synonmys: Benefit, advantage, purpose, aim, gain, award.

    Antonyms: Hindrance, nuisance, hardship, inconvenience, difficulty, drawback, shortcoming.

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    synonym and antonym help? ?

    what are synonym and antonyms of the words;

    indolently, scruples, futile, and avail?

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  • 1 decade ago


    synonyms - dronish, idle, inactive, inert, lazy, lethargic, listless, slothful, sluggish, supine, torpid

    antonyms - busy, active, energetic


    synonyms - compunction, doubt, hesitation, meticulosity, peculiarity, penitence, punctiliousness, qualm, scrupulosity, suspicion, principles

    antonyms - amoral, unethical, unprincipled


    synonyms - abortive, bootless, exhausted, forlorn, frivolous, fruitless, futilitarian, hopeless, idle, inadequate, ineffective, ineffectual, otiose, pointless, sterile, trifling, unavailing, unrewarding, unsuccessful, useless, vain, worthless

    antonyms - worthy, beneficial, plentiful, bountiful, successful, rewarding, adequate


    synonyms - account, advantage, assistance, benefit, help, meet, profit, serve, suffice, use, utilize, value, work

    antonyms -

  • 1 decade ago

    indolently (adv)

    Synonyms: lazily, listlessly, idly, languorously, languidly, lethargically, apathetically, sluggishly, torpidly, laxly

    Antonym: energetically

    here check it for yourself:

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