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Seniors would you vote for Mccain or Obama and why?

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    Folk's, here's a few facts about Illinois, Obama's Home State for less than three years. And I might add, I NEVER heard about him until he decided to run for President.

    Fact #1: Chicago, 292 KILLED (MURDERED).

    Third LARGEST CITY in the US

    Iraq : 221 KILLED (a piss-ant little country that happens to sits on the worlds oil reserve, something that's worth "killingl" over.)

    Fact #2: The Illinois State Penshion Fund is $44 BILLION IN DEBT !. With a Democrat Governor (Blagoiavech) it's the worst in the country.

    Fact #3: The sales tax IN CHICAGO, (Illinois) is 10.25%. The HIGHEST in the country.

    Fact #4: the Illinois State schools system has (repeatedly)produced the LOWEST test scores in the country. The system ranks along with the schools in E. St Louis, another "mess" in Illinois.

    You can't "blame the Republicans, cause THARE AIN'T ANY !

    The State of Illinois, is "led" by State Senators Obama and Dick (Turban) Durban, Governor Rod Blogojevich, Rep Jessie (cuthisnutsoff) Jackson, House Leader, Mike Madigan, Attrny Genrl, Lisa madigan (she and Blogojevich HATE EACH OTHER'S GUT'S !) and (finally) Chicago's mayor, Richard Daly.

    Thes people are ALL DEMOCRATS ! Isn't that grand ?

    These are only a few of the "facts" (verified through "") about Obama, and his "Illinois" Democrat buddies, and as you see, he's DONE NOTHING except TAKE from the people of Illinois, and the USA.

    (Q. Who paid for his trip to Europe and the middle east a few weeks ago ? (which, by the way, he had NO BUSINESS going)

    A. the citizens of Illinois AND the US, thats who.

    I'm not "thrilled" about McCain either, but electing Obama is commiting financial suicide for EVERYONE ! and if you think that he's "THE SAVIOUR", you better THINK AGAIN ! He's A FRAUD !(And, LOOK OUT FOR HIS WIFE, SHE'S A "TRAINWRECK" WAITING TO HAPPEN !)

    I' apologize for the length of this answer, but since you asked, I thought you would want to know, coming from a citizen of Illinois.

    Ol, (But wiser) Geezer

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    Sorry, my vote will be between me and the vote casting sales area. i will say that in spite of everything the crap i have study and heard this previous week about the dirty little tricks being pulled by ability of the camp of the candidate who's at the moment in the back of contained in the polls, i'm previous ill of all the campaigning. A McCain volunteer claims someone carves a B on her face then admits that she made up the tale the subsequent day. Now a conspiracy team claims that Obama became not born contained in the U. S.. How a lot decrease can human beings droop. it really is totally previous my comprehension. I listened to a nationally syndicated communicate educate in the present outing of Cincinnati and the host allowed a guy to assert that the Democrats were going to commence taking money for Medicare out of his Social safe practices examine next month and he became outraged over this. hi human beings medicare has been deducted from SS checks for extremely a lengthy time period. The host in simple terms went proper alongside with him and by no ability tried to ideal this false impression. i have became off my radio and that i'm tuning out until eventually after the election. ok acquaintances my rant is over and that i think significantly better now.

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    I "would" vote for what I see as the lesser of 2 evils & that would be John McCain...IF I was a registered voter. So, whatever happens on election day...I know there's gonna be a lot of Civil Unrest with the people who EXPECT their side to win for the advancement of their people. The racial tension in my area is already far too tense between the blacks & the whites. I just wish I could afford to leave before the Sh*t hits the fan!

    Source(s): This election seems to have brought out the worst in so many people & it's really sad to see.
  • stormy
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    I will vote for McCain or Obama, because I can

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    It may not be the answer you are looking for, but I am undecided at this point, so it is a good thing we still have time......I have always been a McCain fan, but at this point I need to hear more on the issues......McCain has not said much that has impressed me, but neither has Obama.....We need a change, but is that change Obama? I am not sure......

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    McCain. Obama gives me the creeps.

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    I was just a senior (about three months ago). And I don't know who I'm going to vote for. McCain seems experienced (as the person above said) but at the same time, he's republican & I generally don't share the same views as republicans. At the same time Obama doesn't seem very experienced but I like his ideals & plan to remove troops from Iraq. But neither of them are perfect & so deciding is definitely going to be hard.

    I just wish that there were more candidates that actually matter.. But i guess this is just one of those situations, like always, where you have to vote for the "lesser evil", right? hmm. =/

    Source(s): Personal opinion (or lack of opinion!)
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    McCain has always been one of my American heros, but with his choice of an Evangelical, ultra-conservative VP candidate to appease the far right-wing GOP, he has sold out his moderate views to gain votes. Shame on him.

    I will now vote for Obama/Biden even though he is really too liberal for my taste.

    However, better a liberal administration concerned with personal freedoms than a repressive Ideological administration like the past 8 years.

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    McCain. because he is the lesser of 2 evils.

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    Seniors should vote to Obama as if now as Obama had been working for senior Citizen welfare .and promoting senior Living , Independent Living.

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