What is the difference between a hair salon and barber shop?

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    A salon typically offers a full menu of services for women (color, texturizers, cuts, waxes, makeup, nails, etc) and the same services are available for men. Barber shops specialize in men's hair cuts (shears and clippers), hair designs (using trimmers), and facial hair care. But services vary depending on state regulations.

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    The Difference Hair Salon

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    4 years ago

    Barber shops are more for gentlemen or men. Salons are more for women and offer many services. Teens will usually go to a salon. Anyone can go to a barber shop though. In my opinion if your a girl a salon offers better care.

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    Barber Shops are more old style, and Hair Salons are more new styles and Barber shops charge less usually and hair salsons charge more usually.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    About $50! ;-)

    Plus, at a salon, they are always up on the latest looks and color techniques.

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    REAL men and women

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