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Superpowers-Sci-Fi or Fantasy?

I'm trying to figure out what genre my book is.

Thanks in advance!

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    Personally, i disagree with masterp...

    i find that in many cases the superpowers in fantasy have a plausiable explanation while sci fi does not

    for example, many fantasy characters may have invisablity or superior senses, but it is explained as the characteristics of their race or some object (like magic in harry potter or the ring in lord of the rings) and it fits logically into the fantasy world that was created

    sci fi, on the other hand, seems to have random explanations for power, such as acid spills (which kill people, not give them superpowers) or spiderbites, which once again, dont give people power...and while these scenarios could happen in a fantasy world, the stories always take place on earth, where A. stuff like this doesnt happen and B. most people would know about a superpower

    the term "supwerpower" in and of itself refers more to sci fi than fantasy, as it generally connotes the power was given in a random way

    so, for your book, you need to decide how your character's power fits into society. is it a random power that never happens in any society? then it probably sci fi.....if it the power, no matter how crazy, could logically fit into your society, its more of a fantasy

    but you also need to consider other elements, because "superpowers" dont define sci fi or fantasy alone, its other elements, like setting, that do that

    and until now ive only heard star wars defined as sci fi because it deals with space, futuristic technology, and has a lot of weird stuff.....but hey, maybe theres some weird sudgenre of sci fi fantasy i dont know about?

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    Personally, I think it really depends.

    Firstly, I think it depends on the way the power is acquired. If it was inherited or because the character is some weird species/supernatural creature, I'd say fantasy. If gotten through experimental/scientific things, alien abductions, medical treatment, etc. I'd say Sci-Fi.

    Secondly, I'd look at the rest of the book. Even if I'm wrong, the rest of the content usually helps me determine the answer. Futuristic things involving space, galaxies, planets, weird creatures such as (excuse me for the bad example) Big Foot make me think Sci-Fi. Imaginary worlds full of magic or realistic settings with a few exceptions (your powered individuals) make me think fantasy.

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    Superpowers usually make something fantasy unless there is a semi-plausible scientific reason for them. A lot of people concider Star Wars fantasy because "the Force" and Jedis were too mystical.

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