Am I the only person in the world who hates Twilight?

It's the most overrated book series ever. I mean, come on people. Stephanie Meyer needs to retire and leave the young adult novels to JK Rowling.

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    Couldn't agree more.

    To put it simply, the books were terrible. Not only did they have purple prose on every page, but the lack of general writing quality was horrifying, and Meyer appeared to have wanted to set feminism back about 100 years in the process. 'Twilight' introduces the main heroine, Bella Swan ('beautiful swan') who is nothing more than a walking doormat. She could hardly take a step without needing a boy to come and rescue her, which (as a girl) I find extremely degrading.

    Bella gives up all her ambitions, goals and dreams (which consists only of reading 'Wuthering Heights' over and over again, but nevertheless...) to marry Edward, abandoning her friends and family without a second thought. Oh, how lovely...

    Not one of the characters were developed well in the least. Meyer used Bella's clichéd flaws to try to make her endearing, and failed miserably. Bella is a seemingly unattractive, plain, clumsy, immature, self-concious girl, yet every person with a 'y' chromosome feels the need to throw themselves at her. Please, spare me.

    Bella and Edward's 'love' is never explained. The only thing we know is that she thinks he's hot and he thinks she smells good. Not exactly a captivating romance.

    The entire series revolves around 'Edward is beautiful and prefect and gorgeous', 'I hate Forks', 'Edward is beautiful and perfect and gorgeous', 'How dare these people actually be nice to me, they must be out to get me, that's the only explaination', 'I hate Forks', 'Edward is beautiful and perfect and gorgeous'. Gets a little straining after a while.

    The dialogue isn't in keeping with the targeted age group. At one point (eighteen-year-old) Bella actually states "Holy crow!" Come on, I'm a thirteen year old and I don't even say things like that.

    There are so many plot holes it's ridiculous. I mean, her father is the Chief of Police and he doesn't know that a strange man is sneaking into his daughter's room at night and sleeping over? And he can't tell when his own child is lying through her teeth at him? Call me crazy, but I find that really hard to believe.

    Bella is one of the most co-dependant characters I've ever come across, and I've come across a lot of characters. At first, she was okay, not ideal, but okay. But after she met Edward, she became completely dependent on the Cullens, drooling over them and hanging on their every word. If Edward didn't come to school one day, was she seriously going to die? I think not.

    And Edward! Contrary to popular belief, he's not 'every girl's dream'; *he-hem* I'm a girl, thank you very much and Edward is about the worst boyfriend I could ever imagine (with the possible exception of George Bush) Ugh, and I thought I was going to hurl at all the corny one-liners he was dishing out. 'Before you my life was like a moonless night, but you brighten up my world with your beauty' (or something to that effect) Yes, okay, you like her, we get the point, jeeze! And through the entire book, he was practically groping her. Every other sentence was '... and he leaned in to brush his marble lips once more to my [insert body part here] I'm glad I'm not a gullible person, because this is teaching teenage girls that groping is okay, it shows that the guy loves you! Not a great message to be putting out there- even though half the fangirls proclaiming their undying love to him would've- had he been real -put a restraining order out on him two day into the 'relatinoship'.

    And the name Renesmee Carlie Cullen? Seriously? If Meyer wanted to encorperate Renee, Esme, Carlisle and Charlie into the 'child's' name, why couldn't she have used Charlotte (nickname: Charlie/Carlie) Esme Renee Cullen? At least that's realistic and it avoids the whole 'Loch Ness Monster' fiasco (which a responsible writer would have taken into account).

    Meyer frequently changed the POV of her characters; at one point Bella stated that her 'cheeks were as red as tomatoes'. Not only is this one of the most clichéd similes a writer can use (tomatoes are red? Wow, I never would have known *rolls eyes*), it begs the question, how could Bella have known what color her cheeks were? They could have been blue with green polka-dots for all she knew, she wasn't standing in front of a mirror.

    I'm completely baffled that a book this mediocre made it on the New York Times Best-Seller List. It's a huge kick in the stomach for all us writers who want to add something meaningful to the literary world, and not include a 'hawt' guy for eleven year old girls to drool over.


  • 4 years ago

    I have read all of the twilight books. i don't hate them, i just don't like them either. i think that the story could be very good, if it had more twists and just something more that could make you remember it. I think, if someone important could die at the end etc would make it much better. A lot of people hate the series now that its more popular. I read the book after the movie came out, but i was put off them because of all the girls who obsess over edward cullen. I once tried to tell my friend how bad the series is, and she just though i was going "crazy". but, she doesn't really know what she is on about anyway.

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    No. Definately not. I was still relatively new to the concept of reading for pleasure when I picked up Twilight, and I loved it. That was nearly four years ago. Looking back I realize that the writing quality is not nearly as good as in some other books, scenes are predictable, and the characters are not very realistic.

    Of course, some people love it. I'm not knocking that. I'm just agreeing with the question here, and saying I've read better.

    Source(s): Read three of the Twilight books, and couldn't force myself through the fourth.
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    nope. but i love twilight. i dont know why jk rowling and stephenie meyer are always being compared. they are two totally different people that write different types of genres. they should not have ever been compared. and i agree these questions about twilight are getting annoying but you know what i do? i ignore the stupid ones like which team are you on and do you love the books and isnt edward hot and i answer the ones that are good such as i dont understand why blah blah blah happened so can someone explain it to me? or something along those lines. or something about the movie and whos in it and when its coming out. not like OMG ROBERT PATTISON CANNOT FIT EDWARD! so just do that if you dont like the questions on Y!A or go to some other section and let the crazy fans answer the crazy questions.

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    1 decade ago

    I completely agree, it is over rated. Twilight I remember was a good book, but after [im sorry to any fans] it got worse and worse...

    And the fans scare me too...Some of the girls in my school say that edward cullen makes all the guys look like crap...and seriously edward cullen is a fictional character, your never going to find him...but thats just to the obsessive fans, I have no problem with people liking the series.


    Source(s): I couldn't finish the 4th book...
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    No, lots of people don't like them.

    I like them. Great books, you read them, you think about them for a while. Then you forget and go to a bunch of other books which are way better.

    JK Rowling is good, but still can't hold a candle to some of the great authors out there like Jane Austen, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Victor Hugo, Alexandre Dumas, etc.

    The fans who obsess are very obnoxious. A big turn off actually.

    And yes the book is overrated.

    But I still like them!

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    though i do not hate her, and i am actually a huge fan of twilight, it's only because of edward. ha ha. seriously though, i thought it was rather funny how she "accidentally" wrote young adult. the writing is bad, the plot is lame, but it is a really good read! her true colors were shown when the way that she dealt with the leaking of "midnight sun" by throwing a public tantrum and punishing her fans, half of which she eliminated by the terrible breaking dawn ending, and now the other half gone thanks to that terrible publicity move.

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    no your not the only person that hates Twilight, I do. I also think that their a rip off of the Ann Rice Vampire novels

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    1 decade ago

    You are not alone. In fact, more and more people are realizing how crappy Stephenie Meyer's books are.

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    my english teacher hates them!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    she read it and then told us (she's normally really polite) and siad this is the biggest piece of s**t and it is crap. she went off and it wasss so funy. im off to the library to have a look at it now......

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