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Jon asked in Arts & HumanitiesHistory · 1 decade ago

John Smith a prisoner once?

Can somebody pls help me by telling me when and how and who kept captain John Smith a prisoner?


yes john smith, you know with pocahontas, except I don't want to know the Disney version of it. lol.

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    Well, John Smith as a young man was captured by the Turks and sold as a slave. He ended up as the property of a lady called Tragabigzanda, who eventually gave him away to someone else. Then John Smith escaped and went back to England.

    Then he went out to Virginia, where he was captured by Powhatan, the chief of the local Indians. Powhatan decided to execute Smith, but when he was placed on the block about to have his head beaten in by clubs, Pocahontas ranout and flung herself over his body and saved his life.

    Some say that the incident was staged by Powhatan to make a point about how powerful he was, but anyway John Smith always believed that Pocahontas had saved him "She hazarded the beating out of her own braines to save mine" he wrote in 1624.

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    John Smith?

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