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question about hollister?

you know when you walk in hollister how it smells like a cologne? they have cologne that smells just like the store? whats it called because they have three different kinds???? PLEASE HELP??

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    mmm sorry, i have no idea. why don't you just ask someone who works there what they spray to make it smell so good? it's not like they know you anyways.. lol. that's what i'd do.

    thanks for answering mine!


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    The smell you are referring to is called SoCal.

    I think it's absolutely amazing for both genders. You may have heard of the tagline "Have you tried some SoCal today?" Now you understand it, haha. Best wishes in your search.

    Chelse. =D

    Source(s): Hollister shopper.
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    Why would you want to wear tht? It's GROSS!!! I wouldnt date ANY guy who smelle like that, ew.

    Hollister is darker that Hottopic, sadly.

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