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Question for James Woods or Oliver Platt or Lou Gossett Jr. or Heather Graham.?

Okay. I am a big fan of the movie Diggstown and I have a few younger Brother-in-laws that would love this movie but I can't find it anywhere. I can't rent it because there is no video store where I live, I can't Netflix it because my credit card is Canadian and for some reason Netflix is being difficult when I enter in the zip code and there is no fixing this.

Could you please let me know where I can rent your movie online or stream it (I don't care which).

P.S. I really think you (plural) should do more movies. Your sense of dry humor has always made me laugh.

*If anyone else knows where I can get this movie, please do not hesitate to tell me as I am sure these people who I directed this question to might have better things to do than answer me.

*Favorite line.... "He seems awful mad. Did you tell him he was black?"

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    You'll have to guess whether I'm James Woods, Oliver Platt, Lou Gossett Jr., or Heather Graham... Okay, I'm actually David Fresco. I had a small part in the film and happen to be Canadian too, eh?

    Well, you may purchase the film at most places that sell films, and even if they do not carry it sometimes they can special order it for you. You should purchase it and not rest it, as that would help all of the creators (me) out more. Thank you for being such a big fan!


    David Fresco


    Source(s): Hint: I'm not really Mr. Fresco either, LoL.
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