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Why do people think Obama is more qualified?

I hear everyone bashing Palin about "only" being the governor of Alaska. Can someone tell me how a 1st term Senator has more experience than a governor of a state? And why are they comparing a VP nom to a presidential nom? I'm not talking policies, I'm talking experience. I would love to hear some specifics.

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    they don't. they have to say he is if he is to stand a chance

  • Joe D
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    1 decade ago

    In my opinion, people are "micromanaging" this whole experience argument. To me, it's sort of like looking to hire a new recruit at a nuclear engineering lab and saying "well, candidate A has worked for 3 years in a grocery store, and candidate B has worked for 8 months at a gas station. I guess we ought to pick candidate A because he/she has more experience." I mean, come on!

    In my opinion, none of the candidates are particularly fit for the job(s).

    What people SHOULD be paying more attention to are policies, and the "big picture" of the candidates. Who is halfway intelligent and can think on his/her feet when the **** hits the fan, and who seems to have the right idea about where this country should be taken in the long term.

    Just my humble opinion.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I like Palin, the only reason people are bashing her, is because they are scared. They are turning the whole thing around. You are right this is between McCain and Obama, and I do not think Obama has what it takes to run his home much less the country.

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    To be true to you no one one has experience to be pres. Any one getting it , will be their first time. I 'am looking at the person and what they are standing for that will help get us back on our feet. * Years of Bush has made look at who will be the lesser evil then experience.

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