question about my oil painting?

please see this link for my question

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You've already been given a fair opinion about this painting. But here's mine anyway.

    From the looks of the painting and the standard issue made in Mexico frame I'm pretty sure this is 'Decorator Art', the kind that's painted by artists out of Mexico and Europe, artists who get paid by the painting and usually work in 'artist factories'. The works are them sold in places like furniture stores, Wal-Marts, on street corners and often advertised on television late at night as 'Framed Original Oil Paintings Starting At $29.95.

    The artists who paint these don't use their own names and have American or European sounding names assigned to them. Because of this it would be virtually impossible to track down the actual artist who did the painting. On E-Bay, or through an art dealer it's not likely you'll get much for it.

    However, it's not a bad looking painting and many of these factory done paintings are actually pretty good. And the true value of art is always in the joys it brings to those who own it or view it.

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