I have a question regarding islamic muslim women who follow islam .?

Does the islamic faith have any rules regarding interactions with men ? Specifically, is it a tenet of that faith not to take driving lessons from men ?

If there are is there any way to get permission from an Imam or some other recognized authority to

I am a New York State Department of Motor Vehicles' Certified Driving Instructor. I work in Brooklyn. There are many women of this faith who come to the school where I work who insist on a woman instructor.

The owner is a woman and she handles them. There was a woman instructor for about two months but she left. The owner prefers not to instruct and because I am paid by the lesson, I would like to have that work.

There is an Arab owned school nearby that has a woman instructor but all the women prefer my boss over her. My boss is overwhelmed with request for lessons.

I make a point with all people, men or women, of any background, not to touch them, unless to shake a hand or get a hug after they pass their road test and then again only if they offer it first. (Many muslim women have hugged me, touched me to make a point or kidding around or offered their hands to shake.) I also make a strict point to steer the conversation to the student's driving skill only. I avoid any other issue.

I am aware their two main branches of Islam. Is their a central authority for both that covers all of Brooklyn and if so can someone tell me where to contact them.

Is there something in the Koran that reads either way to address this issue?

My common sense tells me that their cant be since many islamic women have openly taken lessons from me. One time there was even a guy who works at a Mosque taking the lesson after her and he did not take any issue with it (in front of me).

Most of these women were pleased with the service I offered and once they got to know me they requested me and recommened me to friends and relatives.

What I would like is some head Imam to write a letter certifying me as "OK" to teach Islamic Women to drive.

Who could I contact to do this ?

In this country there is a strict separation of church and state and driving lessons should only be regulated by the state DMV period. Why can't I teach these women to drive?

Thank you.


Thank you for opinion but what would be so unpure about them taking lessons from me. I have a self imposed rule never to date my students. I do not want to have sex with them, I just want to teach them to drive.

That is how I make my money.

I should be judges by my ability to enable a student to pass her road test and become a safe driver.

Driving is a secular activity.

It should not be regulated by any religeous law.

What if I got my boss to offer a package of free lessons in exchange for permission from some Imam. He could raffle them off or have a contest with his congregation or something.

I have one student , a very religeous Palistinian girl, wears a head scarf, goes to a special school, and her uncle is 100% cool with me teaching her and he is this big time Insurance Agent and a go to guy in the local community......

Nobody got stonned and nobody was made unpure.......?

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    In Islam men and women that are not closely related are forbidden to be around one another in private and being alone in a car is considered private. Unless it is an absolute necessity. Such as a woman needing medical attention and the only doctor present is a man. Otherwise it is stressed that intermingling amongst male and female is not allowed.

    You mentioned that you have taught some women to drive, actually those women should have sought a female teacher as this would have been best for them unless their father or uncle or the like was present during these lessons.

    I doubt that you will be able to find an Imam that would issue a verdict saying that it is ok for you to teach the Muslim women to drive alone in the car with you. Don't take offense by this, it's just a precaution for both male and female to keep our hearts pure.

    Even though there is a seperation of Church and State in this Country, there is no seperation when it comes to those who are Muslim, we must follow the Islamic Shariah and avoid those things that would lead us to any type of sin.

    Also I would like mention, a woman will NOT be killed for taking lessons with you. I don't know where these ideas come from!!!

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    "I have a question regarding islamic muslim women who follow islam .?

    Does the islamic faith have any rules regarding interactions with men ? Specifically, is it a tenet of that faith not to take driving lessons from men ?"

    The tenants of Islam forbid women from interacting with any male who is not their father, brother, uncle or husband. Women are not allowed to interact with any male outside the home for any reason, the correct term for this is "haram". Females in Islam are required to cover themselves from head to foot, including their face. In the west some Muslim(a) will break their Islamic rules, as shown by your examples however in a lot of cases, if the males in her family found out about what she is doing there is the real possibility that the women will be killed as this is the punishment for women who do socialize with unrelated males. The Koran, hadith and sunna all say this. I wish you well in getting an Imam to give permission for you to teach Muslim women, I highly doubt that this is going to happen as it would also open the Imam up to being scapegoated or worse. Just remember that in Islam, any non-Muslim has no rights or privledges when it comes to Islamic women. Be careful.

    Source(s): 54 years of living and studying comparative religions and ME history
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    If you were to see people praying in Mecca Hajj men and women pray together. There is no separation of the sexes. Now lets look at the Mosque. Men are in the front and women are in the back, behind a screen, or in another room. Many ask why. The answer is for modesty. When Muslims pray they place their forehead on the floor. When doing this (to put it bluntly) the rear is in the air. These are people that you see all the time and most women would prefer not to pray in front of these men. So to answer your question. These women have the right to pray how they wish it just is not the norm.

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