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How do i delete my msn and window live space?

I've got a hotmail email account and I'd like to delete my msn and space accounts, but it seems impossible to do so without shutting down my window live (including hotmail email) altogether. Is there a way? How?

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    ►you can only cloe your ACCOUNT so the space and messenger account will be removed

    but if you don't want to close your account .. remove all content from your space .. you cannot close a spacve without closing the live/hotmail/msn account

    ►if you do not want to use your account with MSn anymore you can block and remove your contacts

    ►you can create a new account and forward your mails form the old to the new address

    ►create the new account here

    ►to forward your mail to the new account

    --open your old account

    --options (ops)

    --Forward mail to another e-mail account

    --check this option'Forward your mail to another e-mail address

    -->Type the e-mail address you want to forward the mail to:


    ►you can also export/ import your MSN / mail contacts to the new account

    ►sign in to MSN using your old account


    save contact list

    a file will be created in 'C:/my documents'

    ►now open MSN with the new account


    import contacts

    go to the file created previously


    that's it

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    Window Live Space

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