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WDid i use the capitalized vocabulary words correctly in a sentence?

1. The man was an ABOMINATION because he looked like a gorilla.

2. My mom was ADAMANT that I do my homework before I go to sleep.

3. Bob had the AUDACITY to yell at his parents.

4. The AVARICIOUS contestant gambled $500,000 on a game show.

5. The AVID soccer player practiced every day despite the weather.

6. The salesperson BEGUILED the customer into believing his cleaning products worked.

7. Bob EXUDES confidence when he competes in contest.

8. The criminal’s INCREDULOUS defense caused him to lose his trial.

9. The LICENTIOUS teenager stole a pack of cigarettes from the convenience store.

10 The chorus members REPUDIATED Bob because he was always out of tune.

thanks for the help!!!

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    1) The word abomination really has more to do with morals and behavior than appearance.

    2) Fine

    3) Fine

    4) Probably ok. Avaricious usually has more to do with greed than gambling, but it could work here.

    5) Fine

    6) Fine

    7) Fine

    8) Nope. Incredulous is an attitude. An incredible defense might leave the judge incredulous.

    9) Again, could be. Licentious again usually has more to do with morals. I've generally seen it used in reference to sexual mores. This probably works, though.

    10) Well, ok. Repudiation generally occurs when you reject someones philosophy, expressed attitudes, or teachings, not so much with someone's lack of talent. Again, though, it's reasonably close.

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    Some suggestions for changes:

    1. The man was an ABOMINATION because he looked ACTED like a gorilla.

    4. 4. The AVARICIOUS game show contestant HAD ALREADY WON $500,000, BUT DECIDED TO TRY FOR $1,000,000.

    8. The jury members unanimously voted guilty because they were INCREDULOUS in reaction to the criminal's defense.

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    Yeah.the first seven are fine a is No. 10

    8. is the wrong use of incredulous.. A better use would be:

    The criminal's attempt at an alibi left his counsel incredulous.

    9. Licentious tends to imply a disregarding of conventional behaviour in sexual matters.As:

    The licentious teenager tried to hook up with as many girls as possible during the vacation.

    Hope this helps.

    Source(s): English teacher for 30 years
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    The first answer is maybe not the best use of the word "abomination." Something is an abomination if it is offensive or shameful. Maybe something like, "Her table manners were an abomination," would be better.

    Otherwise, it looks like you're OK. Nice job!

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    6 may not have been used correctly. says that beguiled should be used with an object

    Such as "He was beguiled by her good looks." (good looks being the object)

    or "The salesperson used big words to beguile the customer into buying the product." (big words being the object)

    I'm not positive if your sentence is completely wrong, but it sounds off.

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    Yes, the usage are correct, but in #7 it should end in "in a contest" rather than "in contest".

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    Yes, your vocabulary words are used correctly in those sentences.

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    #1 and #10 are a bit awkward.

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    change #7. (contests)

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