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Did i use the capitalized vocabulary words correctly in a sentence?

1. The man was an ABOMINATION because he looked like a gorilla.

2. My mom was ADAMANT that I do my homework before I go to sleep.

3. Bob had the AUDACITY to yell at his parents.

4. The AVARICIOUS contestant gambled $500,000 on a game show.

5. The AVID soccer player practiced every day despite the weather.

6. The salesperson BEGUILED the customer into believing his cleaning products worked.

7. Bob EXUDES confidence when he competes in contest.

8. The criminal’s INCREDULOUS defense caused him to lose his trial.

9. The LICENTIOUS teenager stole a pack of cigarettes from the convenience store.

10 The chorus members REPUDIATED Bob because he was always out of tune.

thanks for the help!!!

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    The sentences are correct except for:

    7. Bob exudes confidence when he competes in contestS [or A contest].

    8. The criminal's INCREDIBLE defence caused him to lose his trial. [Incredulous and incredible are often misused: incredible means "that cannot be believed"; incredulous means "unwilling to believe". So his defence (US defense) was unbelievable; the judge or jury was incredulous.]

    9. The licentious teenager was in the habit of stealing adult magazines from the convenience store. [Licentious means immoral in sexual relations.]

    10. is okay [if Bob was seriously out of tune].

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    Yes, but 8 and 9 sound kind of weird. for # 8 i'd say, "The criminal's defense was viewed as INCREDULOUS by the jury."

    For # 9 i'd say, " The LICENTIOUS teenager tried to sneek into a strip club". since licentious means lewd.

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    I am sure 2,3,5,6,7 are correct

    I think 1 is also correct

    I think 8 should be incredible (incredulous means not believing, incredible means not believable)

    I think 10 should be reprimanded

    I can't offer any help for 4 and 9

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    Well, I know number 5 is right, but gosh, what grade are you in, even I don't know this stuff!

    Reallly creative sentences, by the way! I'm guessing the rest of them are right, but I'm just not sure about number one...?

    keep up the good work (crud I sound like a stinking report card! lol)~!

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