I can't renew my tags will I get in trouble?

Here's why. Ohio just suffered from the remnants of Hurricane Ike.

It's bad out there. As of noon, AEP (American Electric Power) reported 292,345 customers without power in Franklin County. Which is where I am. ALSO, 40 BMV's across the state are closed due to this weather, my birthday is tomorrow and I can't renew my tags. If they aren't open again tomorrow (which is possible because some people won't have power for up to a week.) If I'm driving will I get pulled over for expired tags?


okay. I thought i was doing good by renewing them today..lol since my birthday is tomorrow!

Update 2:

oklatom - my husband went and got his tags on the same day. He went the day before his birthday, and I just got some money for my birthday thats what i planned to do with it was purchase my tags.

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    Why don't you call another DMV place in another state and ask what you should do? A couple places close to you who has power is Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Any police department should also know what you should do in your situation. You can get the phone numbers to these different places from information (at the phone company) West Virginia's main office is in Charleston, WV. Call information and ask for the DMV office in Charleston, WV. I don't know where it is in PA but the phone company may know.

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    I would call the DMV that is outside Ohio. I am not sure if they will be able to answer this question because it is not there state. You may also want to ask them about an extension. I remember here in Oregon when we first moved out here we had 60 days to renew our tags and we got another extension (if I rememeber correctly it was for another 30 days or so). At any rate, call the WV DMV. They maybe able to clarify this for you. Good Luck Birthday girl!!! :)

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    You do know that you can renew up to 30 days in advance, right? And you can also do it on the web, but you're going to have to go in. Why you ask? Well, because of this, in the faq web page.


    How much time should I allow to receive my registration, validation sticker and/or license plates?


    You should allow 10 business days to receive your registration, validation sticker and/or license plates.

    You don't have 10 days because you waited until the last minute.

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    I am sure the law understands that you are unable to renew your plates due to the power outages expierenced from Ike. However, it would be your best bet to renew them at the earliest chance you get, so you do not suffer any tickets or fee's for it being late. Good luck, be safe!

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  • Rudy H
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    I'm sure a cop will cut you slack. However, your excuse is lame. It's OK. That's the new America. NOTHING is your fault.

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