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I'm in the process of building my own webs ite, my question is, How can I get good information content about for my site that will be useful for readers. Where do websites get their information from? I mean, I want to create my own site but I don't wanna copy someones elses' words or information. How do people do this? For example: a web site about making money online, there are many websites with the same topic, but where and how do they get their information from? Like let's say the " FIRST STEPS TO MAKING MONEY ONLINE ARE: " do they copy content info from other sites and put them into their own words? I don't want to do that , but I don need more content information for my site.

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    Two things you can do; One, read up on what an "RSS" feed is. Basically if a site that you like provides an RSS feed of it's content, you can have that content show up on your site, with the right configuration. It would take a little long to explain here, but if you're using Wordpress, or Joomla, or Drupal, or whatever for your website, go look for how to incorporate RSS feeds into that website software. Then look for sites you like that provide RSS feeds.

    For help creating original content, look up "copywriting" (not copyrighting). Copywriting is the art of writing things that other people will find interesting to read. There's tons of pages out there that will give you clues on how and what to write. Check out the links below for inspiration!

    Copywriting for the web: top ten tips

    Online Copywriting 101: The Ultimate Cheat Sheet

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    You can always do what I do: I have a writer I pay for several daily articles.

    Writers typically charge $0.01+/word, so if you don't mind shorter articles, you can probably afford a few a day to get things rolling for yourself.

    The great thing about hiring someone is that you get to specify the terms. While there are some people that ask their writers to do re-writes (re-wording other peoples' articles), I do not recommend this. I instruct my writers to create unique content, with no exceptions.

    That way, readers will appreciate the originality and so will Google.

    You can find writers in a number of places, but I typically use any of the following sites to search for content creators-

    Hope that helps. Good luck.

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    Writing a web site is no different from writing a book. If you have no ideas you're going to be publishing a book of blank pages (which someone did, and it actually sold).

    FIRST you get your idea, THEN decide on the medium, newsletter, paper book, ebook, website.

    BTW, the first step to making money on line is realizing that "on line" has no part in it - you figure out how to make money, then you figure out how to market it on line. If the method of earning money itself isn't workable, putting it on a web site doesn't make it workable. A jackass wearing a top hat is still a jackass. (Wasn't anyone awake during the dot com bust?)

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    Creativity. Creative, imaginative people reassemble data in the world around them to achieve 'new' perspectives and different ways of perceiving the world.

    In my opinion (this is a strictly subjective assertion), online money-making websites are usually rather manipulative, conniving, deceptive, scheming websites. And I believe that they are a bad case-in-point reference for this question.

    Personal websites are best used for self-expression. The ones that are popular either serve a need or entertain the Web-using public.

    If you are trying to create a business-oriented website, then you should glean the best ideas that you prefer about other business-oriented websites.

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    Take a look at the website

    If you can't find the information there you can send the question to them.

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