What background does Obama have to suggest that he knows the slightest thing about how to solve the economy?

Let's hear it Obama supporters... point to his experience managing even one budget or meeting just one payroll, or even better yet "leading" any group in a financial direction?

He doesn't have a clue and no experience doing such things.

Citizens Against Government Waste rate him as one of the worst in congress, so we already know he doesn't know how to manage taxpayers' money.

McCain is rated as one of the best.

How could anyone consider Obama at a time like now?



Me M:

I think you hit the nail on the head. This is what many have been saying. Obama is NOT like Bill Clinton. He represents the Democratic model of the past century. This is the plan Carter followed. He is rated by historians as one of the worst presidents of our times. There are too many parallels to state, but here are a couple:

1) Change - he ran on and represented a change from the crooked Nixon administration. Now he is rated worst by historians and economist than Nixon.

2) Diplomacy First – We watched for 444 grueling days our American hostages being marched across the TV blindfolded by the Iranians. Once a week Carter promised he was making a breakthrough. The truth was the Iranians were laughing at him and America for being such wimps. The day Reagan took office they freed them from threat of imminent war and death to their country.

Update 2:

3) More social programs and tax cuts for the poor that will cause prosperity. His administration was a economic disaster. Worst since the Great Depression. Bush hasn't even come close to that disaster. Mortgage loans were 21%. If you were lucky to find a job, it didn't pay well and inflation was so high the little money you made wasn't enough to buy anything but junk.

Everyone was ashamed to fly the flag because he convinced us the world hated America. Reagan came in and said, "I don't give a damn about what the rest of the world thinks, we help the world more than any other country and we are proud of what we do." People started flying flags again even to the point that "businesses" started flying flags out front.

Update 3:

There were no American flags flow outside a car dealership during Carter's reign, as it would have lost them business because Carter convinced the American people to be ashamed of ourselves and anyone who would fly a flag could not be trusted. Reagan changed all of this.

There is not another Reagan to clean up what Obama will certainly trash. He will follow the Party line and is afraid to make waves as he owes so many who have boosted an unknown and inexperienced junior senator to the top. He is following Carter's model to a 'T'... not at all like Clinton. The problem is, he has even less experience than Carter. At least Carter served in the military.

Update 4:

You don't think things can get worse? Well if the most hated congress in American history isn't enough to give you a clue, Carter's example should show you that things can get a hell of a lot worse. You won't have to worry about having to pay high prices at the pump to fill up to go to a movie, since you won't be able to afford a movie anyway. You will then learn what true "luxuries" really are.

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    Most people who don't like McCain, don;t like McCain because of party biased. Most people who fall over themselves over Obama, are 100% blinded by his total lack of any experience, background and accomplishments absoultely verifies he's not worthy of the oval office - again by blinded party bias.

    The point is simple, the reason that Obama is not 15 points ahead right now is because each day passing more and more of the country ( all political parties ) see that Obama offers nothing accept a typical liberal tax the hell out of the country for billions of socialistic freebees. There only talking point which they are too blinded to see it's no longer working on a national level is "4 more years of Bush". The dog ain't barkin anymore and the poles speak for it.

    Palin comes into the picture and one wouild think after her first nomination acceptance speech that the national lib media and Camp Obama just got trampled by this little known governor from Alaska.

    Attack, smear and insult personally - is the war cry from the libs now. The rest of the commen sense country begs for that to continue. Because of it, the country who will see who has the real courage, the real grit, the real change, real background, real accomplishments, real character, judgment and honesty. Obama's seems to missed these virtures on his resume. Including 20 years of Rev. Wright but never heard any of his anti white - anti amercian sermons. Makes a realisitic person go - hmmmmmmmm.......

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    He is looking to the past and modeling his ideas off something that has proven to work. You know, it's something smart people do. Managing taxpayers money is something removed from the economy. I'm not saying it's not part of it.. but you seem to be using the words interchangeably. This shows me you don't really know what you are talking about.

    Obamas Idea for the Ecomony follows the democratic 'trickle up' approach. I relies on the idea that if the middle class has more money to spend... they will. Thus infusing businesses with new cash flow and a disire an need to create new jobs. It has proven to work and works better than 'trickle down' for one main reason. The waelthy don't need to spend the money you give them. It gets horded. The middle and lower class uses the money they are given because they have no other choice. If they can't buy anything the businesses need to cut job (this is what we are seeing now). The businesses always get the money in the end, but trickle up also is better at fostering the creation of jobs. Something we desperately need right now. We have problems now, not because rich people don't have enough money to hire someone, but because poor people don't have money to spend on those businesses. It's really so simple it's child's play. The evidence is all over history too.

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    The last real President we had {Bill Clinton} left us in great shape, everyone who wanted to work was, the mood of this country and world for that matter was 100 times better than what it is today.. Obama, when elected, will have some proven and solvent advisors working for him and the American people the tension here and abroad,will lessen on Jan.5th

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    Sometimes experience isn't the way to go. A smart educated individual with the common sense to look at a budget objectively is sometimes all it takes. Look where all this so called experience has gotten us so far. I think that if the government were run more like a business, we wouldn't be in the shape we're in. Experience isn't everything. I would rely more on someone with common sense and objectivity than I would some scholar that couldn't balance his own check book.

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    If something is broken, like everyone claims the economy is, continuing to do the same thing under McCain is not a solution. I want a Democrat president because the last one we had actually managed to balance the budget. I don't know how long we can get away with runaway defecit spending, like Republicans seem to prefer, but I don't think we should keep doing it. From personal experience, I've learned the best fiscal policies include paying off your debts as quickly as possible.

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    What back ground does Obama have in economy.

    It's called not believing in the GOP ideology of the Rep economy plans that have lead the down for of the housing and banking market.

    You know McCain's plan for economics was written by none other then P Gramm and just who is P Gramm the one that re-wrote the housing and Banking market bill that Rep's passed that has lead to the down fall of both.

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    Good question.

    Obama has no direct experience in divining economic solutions, but his chief economic adviser, 38-year old Austan Goolsbee, favors a "...progressive policy of heavy funding for domestic programs and aid by means of increased taxation and a more conservative hands-off approach on international issues, instead letting the market take care of trade deficits."

    Today, Obama and Biden lay the Wall Street meltdown at George Bush's feet. (Last week, they blamed the housing bust on Bush). And in the same breath blamed all America's problems on John McCain.

    But most people have figured out the John McCain is not George Bush,

    and the glut of attack ads coming out of the Obama camp will not make it so.

    Obama has yet to define a workable solution to America's economic problems, unless you believe a return to LBJ and Jimmy Carter big government will solve all.

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    1 decade ago

    Obama got a really good deal on some real estate in Chicago from Tony Rezko. Does this count as experience? Admittedly, taxpayers had to pay $14million to Rezko, but Barack came out smelling like a rose.

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    A tax cut for middle class Americans sounds like common sense to me. We have to choose between Obama and McCain. McCain is also a senator just like Obama. The difference is McCain is an idiot who thinks Bush has been right 90% of the time. Bush admin and Republican rule has left this country in SHAMBLES. Go ahead and vote for McCain and you will effectively put the nail in the American coffin in terms of being a world super power.

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    Well the vast majority of his experience has been working in a Social Service program along with sometime as a part time teacher and attempting to manage a law practice that his wife kept the books on.

    Other than that I don't know of any economic background he has.

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