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Informed consent sheet and treatment prescriptions?

Why is it important to have them in a patient's chart?

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    Well, the signed informed consent document is more of a medicolegal issue (many jurisdictions don't even regard the signed/witness Informed Consent as sufficient and a plaintiff can argue that it was signed while the patient was otherwise "compromised," but having the signed informed consent sheet gives the defendant a bit of a leg to stand when there is litigation, so it's essentially documentation that the patient was advised of the procedure and acquiesced to it.

    Treatment prescriptions are critical to the care of the med/surg patient as they guide us as to what may be wrong. The medication/Rx history is absolutely critical when trying to diagnose what may be happening.

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    In short, to cover ones badonkadonk in case of a law suit. The patient should be told what is going on and what the potential risks are, which is why it is beneficial to them.

    If they, as in the medical staff, keeps it with the chart, it ensures proper patient controls have been exhibited.

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