What company offers cheap high speed internet service?

I am paying $140 a month for high speed internet, cable and home phone service w/ free nationwide long distance. I need the internet though because I work from home, but I'm like to eliminate and reduce my monthly expenses and was wondering if there's something cheap and fast out there.

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    Your telephone company can probably provide you with DSL service for less money. (But it'll probably be lower speed, although it'll be higher speed than the internet itself, so it won't make much difference.) Call them and ask them, or watch the millions of ads they're probably spamming your local TV stations with.

    The only providers it makes sense to use are those local to you. Otherwise you have one carrier providing internet service and another providing transport (the wires). When you have a problem they each point at the other, and you're left with no service. If the same company provides both carriage and internet, the different divisions can point at each other all they like, but you're dealing with a single company that's not supplying you with service so (if they know what they're doing) they get you back up quickly.

    That said, I find that it's worth the extra money for cable. I've had one - count them, one - outage in 7 years. (And it was for only a few minutes.) Compare that to constant outages, slower than paid for speed and customer "service" that doesn't speak English, from my very large telephone company. (My cable company's tech support people work around the corner from my office, so they even have the same regional accent that I do. And I can walk in and talk to someone, face to face, or swap bad or outdated equipment.)

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  • 1 decade ago

    You are being robbed. I have basic cable (no HBO) or anything like that. With my cable, I have bundled cable internet and a phone line for $55 a month. My last bill was exactly $55.14 for all three services. The main cable provider here in Arizona where I live is called Cox Cable. Now, if your want to get down to the nitty gritty, just buy a good wireless internet thingie and see if any of your neighbors or a nearby business use it. So long as they have not set up a fire wall (you'd be amazed how many forget) You can use the internet via their connection. While its not very nice at all (Its like stealing your neighbor's cable), you can't get into trouble for it. It is up to who ever has the connection to secure it.

    Or simply shop it out. My friend has magic jack (phone from the internet) and it has free everything for 19.99 bucks a year. The calls sound like they are coming from a cup and a thousand foot string but hey, you get what you pay for. Dial up is going to be the cheapest, but most inefficient internet. But it doesn't make sense to get internet phone, just to still have to pay for a phone line to have internet anyway. I would call the biggest cable provider in your area and see what they can do as far as bundling your phone, tv, and net. They all have deals, so if you are with them and they say its only for new customers, become a new customer. Cancel and re start with them all over again. Get your bundle. Always cheaper to get a combo meal than to order it piece by piece.

    Source(s): I become a new customer every time they advertise 3 months of free premium channels. I call and cancel, the wife calls and restarts it. They fall for it every time. Or they don't care and do it anyway=)
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  • 4 years ago

    Hi CN! When we moved here to northern OC, we tried Verizon DSL. However, our house happened to be too far down the "trunk line" to get a good signal. Bottom line, if you happen to be in an area that's too far from their office or repeater station, you're out of luck. So we went with Adelphia, which turned into Time Warner when Adelphia went belly-up. On a side note, we also experienced phone outages whenever it rained. Verizon would take a couple weeks to come out, but by then the lines would dry out, and service would be restored. After several rounds of this, I called a couple days before I knew it would rain, and reported the outage. This time, they found the cause in a trunk line that ran from the junction box on our street to another junction box a couple blocks away. They repair guy said that the line needed to be replaced with an optical cable (instead of copper), but that Verizon would "get around to it". Next day, Time Warner notified us that they were offering phone service. So we jumped on it. It was CLASSIC. Verizon called us, mailed us, and emailed us BEGGING for us to stay. We laughed in their face. I should have put that in our family newsletter, it was a high water mark for the downtrodden consumer. Acutally, we're toying with the idea of dropping landline service altogether, since we all have cell phones with a good signal. Maybe that's how you can save the money. Anyway, Happy New Year.

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  • 1 decade ago

    bsnl broadband 2mbps

    250rs per month


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  • 1 decade ago


    road runner.

    dial up.


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