What is the picture of a virgin vagina..?

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how can you identify if a girl is still virgin? is virgin and not differs from their vagina?
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A thin layer of skin called a hymen closes off the entrance to the vagina. When a girl gives her virginity this hymen is perforated by the male (Hopefully) genteelly and a small amount of blood is shed in the process. Where were you in biology classes, it is all taught there.

The mere male should also realise that this act of a girl giving her virginity to you is a very special moment and should not be taken lightly by us guys. We don't take it and she should not be thought of as a conquest, but rather her giving in itself is her surrendered act of love to you.

Treat her with respect guys and if you are not intending on a permanent relationship with her, then do not exploit her virginity and rather allow her to keep it for the man who will stay with her for the long haul. Relationship should be about longevity and continual mutual giving and nurturing and that is love.

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  • ay answered 6 years ago
    You can't tell by looking at it.
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  • alisongiggles answered 6 years ago
    You can't tell to look, inside or outside.

    Although most virgins have a hymen (thin membrane inside her vagina) that has historically been used to confirm virginity, it is not a perfect test. The hymen can be ruptured during vigorous sports, or when tampons are used.

    I'd suggest you worry less about proving her virginity and more about her character.
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  • roberta d answered 6 years ago
    The same as a virgin Penis!!!!
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  • L answered 6 years ago
    You can't tell by looking. Virgins tend to have a hymen, (not that you would know what that is), but you can't trust this either, because some girls lose theirs without having sex, and some women who do have sex still have one.
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  • chandrasekharam b answered 6 years ago
    The anatomy of the vagina of a child, virgin, grownup woman with or without children,and old aged are the same.
    And hymen is a protective membrane in front and covering the vagina the presence of which generally confirms virginity but the absence of the same has no significance in adults!


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  • munchkin answered 6 years ago
    You can't tell.


    Medical professionals.
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  • Seqhael answered 6 years ago
    if their clit isnt hanging down to their knees chances are, you probably cant tell.
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  • ☆Blossom☆ answered 6 years ago
    Eww perv.
    Totally disgusting.
    Go ask the doctor what it looks like.
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  • babylove answered 6 years ago
    Just look at your moms and image the total opposite.
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