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Will Sammy Sosa make the Hall of Fame?

609 homers, 1667 rbi, three 60+ homerun seasons, he was never directly linked to steroids like Mark McGwire, who like Clemens ruined their reputation but Sammy played last year in his farewell tour & finished on his own terms with some good respect. Will he make the hall of fame on the first ballot in 2013? or ever?

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    I think so. Let's review.

    As a player: oh yes. He wasn't as great as many fans thought, but he was exceptionally good for a long time.

    Regarding steroids: I understand why the pettier fans and writers like to excoriate him, he did have a huge surge in performance during Those Years, but -- here's the important point -- there is NOTHING linking him to PEDs. NOTHING. His only mention in the Mitchell Report is incidental (Mitchell notes Sosa's lawyer did not respond to a letter -- really, that's the only time Sammy is referenced). His "no habla Ingles" performance at the Senate hearings was, well, rather foolish, but so what? WHY was he there?

    There are NO GOODS on Sosa and, come ballot time, some of the voting writers are going to have to face that. Palmeiro failed a test, Bonds has the grand jury testimony, McGwire is known to have used a legal and permitted steroidal precursor -- but there ain't jack-squat on Sosa. NOTHING.

    If that changes, so would the frame of reference for his eventual Hall candidacy. But right now? NOTHING. That's important, and Sosa deserves the breathing room that demands.

    I'd vote for him.


    Edit: I'd forgotten about the corked bat. I don't know why players do that, it doesn't make any physical difference, though perhaps a mental one, which is not to be dismissed (simply much more difficult to quantify). And, sigh, some writers no doubt will use that as their cover excuse. Eventually a corked bat isn't nearly enough to keep someone out who otherwise deserves it.

    No way he gets first ballot, though.

    Man, I'm still waiting for the complete story on how the members of the media, who have access to locker rooms and see the players shirtless (or more) and pick up the buzz COMPLETELY MISSED this ready-made Pulitzer-winning story. That would be those same writers who kept on handing out MVPs and CYAs to Caminiti, Sosa, Bonds, Clemens, Giambi, Tejada, Ivan Rodriguez, Gonzalez....


    Second edit:

    HGH is not a steroid. And, as there has yet to be a reliable test for HGH, there is no way (NO way) to know who may or may not have been using it, other than first-person admission, like Andy Pettitte.

    Sosa got larger as he reached physical maturity. He made his ML debut at the tender age of 20; he had his first 40+ HR season at age 27 (and probably would have at 26, but missed time with injuries). The male physique reaches full maturity typically at age 25. There is no reason why even an advanced athlete like Sosa should not follow this pattern.

    Did he get, oh, TOO big? I don't know if there's any way to answer that. Maybe he did use steroids or HGH. Maybe he just worked out like crazy. Fans may THINK he used PEDs; they may SUSPECT he used PEDs; they may WANT TO BELIEVE he used PEDs.

    But they do NOT KNOW he used anything. And this is a critical difference.

    Anyone, please, if there's any evidence out there pointing red arrows and drawing large circles around Sammy Sosa and his use of PEDs, please provide some citations. The entire Web is at your disposal.

    I understand (but disagree with) why people want to hammer Sammy. Let's see if you've got any nails to pound.

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    I don't think he'll make in on the first ballot. He will be able to be elected on 2013 and in that ballot there are some true HOFs: Mike Piazza, Roger Clemens, Barry Bonds and Craig Biggio. Biggio and Piazza will make it for sure. Sosa, Bonds and Clemens are all linked to HGH and that whole story. Sosa did have a good amount of hits (2408) for a power hitter. He could enter in his second try or beyond, he has 15 chances.

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    Unfortunately Sosa will always be guilty of steroid use by association. I don't believe he was ever directly connected with them but he did have several monster years at the same time as McGuire. Hence the association!

    With that said, I don't believe Sosa was a great player. Certainly his defense was nothing to write home about. His offensive numbers are much better than many power hitters who are already in the HOF.

    I think he gets in but not right away. The fact that he forgot to speak English during the congressional hearings will hurt him for a few years.

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    particular I do agree that Sammy Sosa has achieved some thing that throughout basic terms 4 different gamers have achieved yet his unsportsmanlike habit like what he did on the tip of one of the Cubs video games.... the actuality that he replaced into caught with a corked bat and communicate approximately steriods which i could have self belief from how he was and how he basically unexpectedly flourished into this HR hitting gadget that he wasnt inevitably until eventually now i could say he won't get it as a results of fact HOF isn't almost numbers yet in addition approximately what variety of individual they have been and what they portrayed themselves as which in Sosa's case isn't a good one

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    If McGwire gets in then Sosa will also but I think Sosa, Bonds, McGwire and all the other steroid users will be kept out.

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    He'll get the McGwire treatment. He may get in, but even with his gaudy stats he'll pay a price for his actions and decisions. It'll take a few years. Personally, as a Cub fan, I always hated his guts and knew he was juicing. The corked bat just wad the icing on the cake. I hope he never gets in.

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    A talented player but what gave him hall of fame numbers is the juice. Remember when he forgot how to speak english on Capitol hill. No different from mcgwire for me.

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    Never linked to steroids? What dimension do you live on?

    He'll never be in the HOF. No juicers will and Sosa is at the top of the lot. End of story.

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    I'd totally vote for him. How many one of those home runs and RBIs did he get away with hitting with that corked bat?

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    He's a first ballot Hall of Shamer in my opinion.

    *EDIT* no link to HGH for Sammy? are you guys blind or in denial? when he came up (1989 Rangers / White Sox) he was 5'10 and 165 .. then within a few years he was 6'3 and about 230 ..

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