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Why is the media trippin' off medications in the drinking water supply? ?

O.K. Let me see if I got this straight. Hospitals and nursing homes "flush" unused medications down the drain because they are considered waste. Apparently then, waste water is converted to drinkable water and thus we shouldn't have a problem with a water shortage correct? Everybody is crying about a water shortage and now there is alarm because pharmaceutical waste is turning up in the drinking water. That means we are drinking toilet and sewage water right? If it were separate, there would be no concern about contamination because drinking water would be coming from a fresher source. The way it sounds to me is that the water we drink from the tap is actually filtered and treated sewer water and now there is concern that it is not filtering out all the "MEDICATIONS" that are flushed down the drain each year.

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    It's not usually the hospitals that are flushing the meds down the drain, it is usually the individual that is doing that. Also, a person's body does not normally absorb all of the medicine that it takes in orally, and what is not, is excreted out of the body, and also down the drain. The aquatic life in these bodies of water, and all the animals that are drinking from this water, are getting the medicine that has gone down the drain. Although the waste is treated, it normally is not filtered for medications. Therfore what is happening is that we are now creating superbugs that are resistant to antibiotics and antivirals. It is also causing men to have breasts in some areas,(due to female hormone therapy) and wildlife to have mutations of some sort. There is a lot more that is also happening...

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    I heard about this to i guess it can be hard to remove meds from the water supply my pharmacist says never flush unused medication bring it to the pharmacy to dispose

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    That's why they add so much chlorine to it to kill all the germs. In Australia they also add flouride

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