Best time to dig and re-plant flowers?

I tried my hands at gardening for the first time this year - I love everything I have, but not the way it's arranged. I'd like to know when I can start rearranging the plants. One person told me it depends on each plant - some should be moved after they die for the season, others should be moved before they're ready to bloom next year. Another person told me it's best to do all of them after they die this season. So, when can I start digging and rearranging my plants and flowers? Does it depend on each plant or can I do them all at once? If it makes any difference, I live in PA in zone 6. Thanks!

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    It depends totally on the plant. Most perennials would be best moved in September/October as that is the time they are putting energy into a better rooting system. There are others that will do best if they are moved after they flower in the spring, for example, azaleas or rhododendrons or lilacs. When you dig around the plant, make sure that the root ball is large enough that you are not damaging the ends of the roots.

    If the plant is an annual, it will come back next spring due to the seeds which are spread this year. Gather the seeds after it has bloomed and save them to plant next spring.

    Bulbs are best dug up after the plant has died back and can be held until Autumn to plant again.

    Your local garden shop should be able to tell you the best times for the plants that you have. If they cannot help you, try your search engine on the internet.

    Good luck with your gardening

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    What do you mean by the term best. The fall is best, after it dies back, but the ground may be frozen. If you can anticipate the freeze ( weather persons tell when the local first freeze day comes) do it the day before, or if it is not a hard freeze you can still do it. But do not do it after the ground freezes because you will lose too many roots. Spring is second best, as soon as the ground is workable. But not if you have a bog when it first thaws.

    The best way to describe is anytime late fall to early spring when the ground is not frozen or too wet. Whenever you do it be sure to water after transplanting and cover with mulch.

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