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TE's Anthony Fasano and Owen Daniels?

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I currently have no TE's on my team (a WR in the WR-TE), and I was wondering what the avlue of these two TE's were. They're both FA's in my league, and the players I'd be dropping to pick them up would be RB Deshaun Foster and WR Shaun McDonald.


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    Foster is a starter so you don't want to drop him. McDonald is behind Calvin Johnson and Roy Williams so drop him. Pick up Daniels who might be a top 5 TE by the years end. He is a beast as long as Schuab is throwing in Houston. I can't believe you are saying he is a free agent.

    Fasano is on MIA who is just awful, so most of his passes are for little yards. He is a TE2-3 and a better bye week fix than anything else.

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