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? asked in Politics & GovernmentLaw & Ethics · 1 decade ago

I am more than confused. Therefore people of the forum may help me understand this following contradiction?

If Sarah Palin is such a dynamic MODERN woman of ADMIRABLE sense why is it that she seems to be deciding for all women to bear the children of rape, incest, no funding for unwed teenage mothers who have been abandoned pregnant, ALONE - IS an advocate for guns, which this country does not need more of, is supposed to be SO admired?

But most importantly, as according to community guidelines, speaking against these impositions for women who have a right to choose what they feel they must do about their own private situations, concerning being victims of rape, incest, having no way to support alone children who would probably go into orphanages, or foster home after home - and people who are non-supportive of more guns in our society, which clearly is gun crazy already - SEEMS TO BE CENSORED..since such questions of such obvious curiosity by some of opposition to these medieval views are deleted - as well as given the people who ask them warnings of deletions of accounts, deletions of such questions, and could become to censorship through violation notices.

Am I crazy, and ALONE to feel this is a matter of fact - HYPOCRITICAL, and tyrannical, in favour of the pro few?

What exactly is going on? Because as concerns me, I feel I must be walking on eggshells before I may (even civilly) approach my right to pose opposition to another who may agree with Palin's encroachment on the right of everyone to have the right to make their decisions, and defend it!

What then would be the right to choice and freedom of expression, if there is always someone who'll "tell" as an intimidation because they can not withstand opposition, and seek from Yahoo, SUPPORT??? AND given it without a THOROUGH investigation as to FAIRNESS?

Is this what the United States of America has come to be about???



Imposition to issues that may be thought about differently by different types of people, defending what they know ARE their Rights?

What then would be the a sense of a website which implies encouraging personal opinion, not mandatory collective opinion.


Thank you!

(I myself will openly admit that such unfair favouritism to some and not others is deeply resented by me. As are the warnings of deletions of not only questions, but of accounts. This is plainly a travesty to my awakened intelligence. I am not a blindfolded sheep.

Whatever this fanatic Palin decides for herself is fine with me. But I will be d@mned if she'll be in charge of commanding over me, possible vice president or not!

I do not want to bear a child of rape. I KNOW THAT!

I do not want to bear a child of incest.

I would not want to give up a child to an orphanage because I'd not be prepared to care well for it!

I am not in support of more guns,. Too many unnecessary deaths have resulted from the excess of these already,

and I do not want to be offered no financial help were I a young girl abandoned, and pregnant and alone, because I did not have a husband to be, (as Palin's daughter) already made to be responsible, for a baby we've conceived, seven months old in my belly.

Palin is NOT all women. And I defend my right to speak this resolutely, no matter what warnings of deletions of questions, violations or deletions of accounts, because I disagree with what seems a favoured opposition.

Enough is Enough and that is my final say!!!

So, WHAT do you have to add or say to this?

Any people out there ready to put their REAL cards on the table - no hedging to protect yourself, so that you'll be thought a well behaved little sheep to the opposition. To continue to belong, even if at times you chafe against the yoke?

For heavens sake..if you've learned to misplace your backbone will you look for it to answer this question with courage???

I no longer feel one bit of intimidation. My opinion according to the due protection of my rights is finally ready to face any consequences.



First of all reporting me f does not mean a thing anymore. I have a right to state my opinion if the website is fair and not one NEPOTISTIC. It is so easy to say "Well, I'm going to "tell on you" because I oppose your opinion, so there"

I h believe I used to hear that in 3rd grade, that hellish grade when little "judy, would say, Miss "whomever" Denny didn't comb his hair this morning to come to class, that is horrible for all us others to have to see. Aren't we supposed to come to glass well groomed?' Third grade telling is cowardly and mean-spirited because it waits in ambush for opposition to "tell"

on. Sorry but I'm no longer in the intimidating, make your knees shake, 3rd grade.

Sources : "So there, and the word is señora, not seenior! I will state my opinion as an adult who feels that someone in high office who plans such barbaric approach to the child bearing of women who have been already victimized, traumatized by RAPE or years of having been unwilling VICTIMS of INCEST>

Update 2:

IS TRULY A SIGN that the poor women caught in such a TRAP are given no compassion for the "life" inside them? What about these poor women,are they 2 suffer a further indignity because "I made my choice, so I'LL also make yours" Palin says so?WHO THE H*LL is she to be a vindictive, all powerful,"do as I will, spoiled Greek Goddess on Mt. Olympus." Sorry, I'm not theist.

It's unthinkable that so many Americans don't get the point yet! Any 1 really thinks women who are victimized through rape and incest, or left young, abandoned and alone, should bear full term? Nine months of disgust, projected guilt and horror on top of horror is nothing else but PUNISHMENT because of the selfish beliefs of Palin.Is she not the one who also asked to PRAY for a Pipe Line for ALASKA? PRAY for a Pipe line?

What am I listening 2 between her words: "Mein Kemf"?Well I'm one without the wool over my eyes.This type of overall fanaticism, if McCain and Palin win will be the fall of the "great" American Empire

Update 3:

Oh it was a Thumbs Down I meant for "Stupid is as Stupid am"..or was it; does-I cant' remember.

My correction made!

To any other lacking in any insight or foresight answers ,I've nothing to say..I always come to the point when I recognize there is nothing to be gained BUT shared LUNACY expressing an opinion to certain brick walls. So I overlook you!

And I guess that not only says it all, but exposed for most, except for 1 brave woman here, who understands the point, you need your eyes, ears and vocal chords checked.Leaving alone, PLEASE, NOT WHAT ARE SUPPOSED to be your brains. Perhaps it's too late, though..

IF this question is also deleted, I am warned of threaten from deletions of question, Account, violations for eternity, SO BE IT.Because I'll finally understand, That it is a website where censorship is practiced for the sake of the mamby-pamby.So what really am I losing?

The fascists here who tell, start wearing brown shirts, and if deserved the Site should follow!

Bye Folks!!!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I support your intelligent views!

    I posted this on someone else's question, but this is why I'm not voting for her (the abortion issue is just a smidge of it!):


    *She has done negatives for us in Alaska.

    *Opposes stem cell research


    *Choose life, even if her own daughter were raped

    *Only exception for abortion is if mother's life would end.

    *Coordinate state tourism marketing but no additional funding.

    *Vetoed bill denying benefits to gays, as unconstitutional.

    *Marriage only be between and man and a woman.

    *Ok to deny benefits to homosexual couples.

    *No spousal benefits for same-sex couples.

    *Top priorities include preserving definition of "marriage".

    *Encourage small business growth by reducing business taxes.

    *Teach creationism alongside evolution in schools.

    *Supports teaching intelligent design in public schools.

    *Pledge of Allegiance with 'Under God' is good enough.

    *Support charters & home schools; not private school vouchers.

    *Let parents opt out of schoolbooks they find offensive.

    *Produce more of our own oil & gas, for national security.

    *Gas pipeline:history's largest private-sector infrastructure.

    *More pipelines; more nukes; more coal; more alternatives.

    *Global warming affects Alaska, but is not man-made.

    *To win, GOP must push energy independence.

    *Lift moratorium on offshore drilling.

    *Opposed protections for salmon from mining contamination.

    *Sue US government to stop listing polar bear as endangered.

    *We must encourage timber, mining, drilling, & fishing.

    *Wolf predator control is important for subsistence hunters.

    *Feds shouldn't list beluga whales as endangered.

    *Convince the rest of the nation to open ANWR.

    *Fish platform: "Resource First" philosophy.

    *Don't duplicate effort in monitoring cruise ship emissions.

    *Don't amend AK constitution for rural subsistence fishing.

    *Opposes explicit sex-education programs.

    *Exempt Alaskan cruise ships from customs rule changes.

    *Supported "Bridge to Nowhere"; now criticizes it.

    *Supports state funding for Gravina Island bridge.

    *Lifelong NRA member & champion of right to bear arms.

    *Supports ending D.C.'s 32-year-old ban on handguns.

    *Health care must be market-and business-driven.

    *Flexibility in government regulations to allow competition.

    *Department of Fish and Game is under-funded.

    *Endorsed by Sen. Ted Stevens.

    *Recognize America's historic and founding Christian heritage.

    *Fund the Seniors Longevity Bonus Program.

    *Home-based assistance more cost-effective than institutions.

    *Supports President Bush's efforts to stop terrorism.

    *Lack of knowledge on basic US issues (ie: Bush Doctrine)

    Youtube thumbnail


    *Mixture of church and state:

    Youtube thumbnail


    Youtube thumbnail


    Youtube thumbnail




    This website has the links to all the resources:

    1) She is opposed to abortion even in cases of rape and incest (even if victims are children)

    2) She offered a bounty of $150 for each right front leg of freshly killed wolves:

    3) She is presently under investigation in Alaska for abuse of power:

    4) She strongly supports drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge:

    5) She promotes aerial hunting of wolves and bears even though Alaskans voted twice to ban the practice (VIDEO):

    Youtube thumbnail


    6) She supports the Alaskan Independence Party which seeks independence from the United States (VIDEO)

    7) She is a champion for big oil and her campaign slogan has become "Drill, baby, drill!"

    8) She believes creationism should be taught in public schools

    9) She believes man-made global warming is a farce

    10) She is opposed to listing the polar bear as an endangered species because it might limit oil exploitation

    11) While mayor of Wasilla she tried to fire the city librarian because the librarian refused to censor books

    12) She used $400,000 of state money to fund a propaganda campaign in support of aerial hunting

    13) As mayor of Wasilla, she made rape victims pay for their own forensic evidence kits

    14) She obtained her first passport just last year (2007)

    Source(s): Thanks for voicing your opinion!
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  • Eric H
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    1 decade ago

    Palin has the right to follow her conscience.

    She does not have the right to force others to follow her beliefs.

    30,000 people die from guns every year in the US - they are sacrificed to this "gun god" of yours. A child dies EVERY 8 MINUTES from a gunshot.

    That's one 9/11 EVERY MONTH.

    It's unconscionable. The rest of the civilized worth thinks you're crazy.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You and confused are correct, and I agree with you. Also, I'd like to mention that she slashed programs for children in Alaska; her thinking is love the fetus and hate the child. She is mental case, but don't take my word for it...

    Source(s): No Problemo "Senior" I reported you
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    too many words and too many repetitions. Make fewer points and down to the point and it'll get read.

    Personally, I am not sure of the integrity of a man that says he's a christian when everyone and his granny know that he's a Muslim.

    What else does he hide?

    And Obama is WAY too close to Osama for me to choose him over her.

    But I am miles away, don't worry, never even been to the USA :)

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  • Have you ever considered a career with the Democratic Party? Alot of talk and no action......

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  • 1 decade ago

    This is US politics which I know nothing about..Therefore an answer from me other than this would be wrong .

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Wow. Abortion's really important to you, huh?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I see you are still for the sexist, man controlled white house.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Are you wearing a bra?

    Fem gals are hot!

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  • 1 decade ago

    and yet, your viewpoint promotes tyranny towards the unborn.

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