iam lookin for a place in greensboro,nc or near by to get my theeth pulled and dentures put in cheap?

i heard there was a place near me that only took so many per day pulled them then made u come back later that day to get dentures fitted so if u know let me know about the price and if u have a pick of like the theeth size for the dentures and what not

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Hello...Yes there is such a place and before you go there let me suggest that you contact the BBB Better Business Bureau and ask about complaints about the place...You should also call the State Dental Board and ask them about the reputation of the place you choose....Let me assure that with 42 years experience as a denture specialist, there is no such thing as "Quality" one day dentures and Immediate dentures require constant servicing. You total healing period is five to six months after the last extraction..and that is a stone cold "fact"...Also, the gums and gum bone start changing both size and shape within two weeks and goes on for at least five months and that means that the denture will only actually fit for the first two weeks, After that you will need special refitting's and adjustments....When you said "Cheap"...you said it all...that's what you get in both dentures and service from"One Day" places.

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