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Can you die of a broken heart.?

Can you die of a broken heart?

Right now I feel like life has no point.

Its hurts when I breath.

Everytime I blink water fills my eyes

And i begin to cry non stop.

I'm trying to block everyone out but I keep

reliving it all in my head.

I feel like my heart has shatterd.

And as for t-r-u-s-t i got no idea what that is anymore.

I've been in love befor but It never hurt this bad

He was suppost to by my fiancee, husband, best friend,

partner in crime, everything.

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    Awh honey, I know how you feel. I was with my boyfriend for 6 years.. we have a baby together. He was the only guy I had ever slept with. We were sopose to get married. Then we broke up, he was sleeping with someone else.. and I should have hated him.. but instead I didn't care I just wanted him back. I felt like I'd never be happy again. I tried dating other people and never once felt a simmer of what I felt with him.. and I hated it. I missed him every second of every day and eventually I tried to kill myself. .. It's weird what love does. I have a decent job, I'm in my last year of med school, I have a beautiful son, a good family, good friends, but i felt like the pain would never stop.

    .. The thing is, it probably won't.. but everyday it will get a tiny tiny tiny ounce better. And probably for the first couple months pretty much unbearable.. but eventually you will get numb.

    Keep your head up. Keep yourself busy with whatever you possibly can, even if your not enjoying yourself and just thinking about him. It's what you need the most. Keep yourself surrounded by people even if its the last thing you want.

    ... These are some really good books even if it sounds silly.. "It's called a breakup cause it's broken" and "He's just not that into you"

    Good luck!

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    Sweety, trust me, you've been saved in the long term. You should actually consider this a blessing in disguise. You don't wanna end up with someone that's not good enough for you. You're really precious! What you need to do is thank God that his true colors were revealed before it was too late. Who knows you could've been injured or even killed by that jerk.

    You need to delete all his contact information. Throw all his memories away. Throw darts at his picture if it makes you feel better or burn 'em on the stove. You know, the best revenge is to live well. Don't let that dumb-a$$ affect you. So, go out have some fun. Celebrate being the unique person you are. There's a perfect match for you out there, just like Adam was made for Eve.

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    First, I am so very, very sorry. I cannot imagine the pain you must be going through.

    To answer your question. It might feel like it but you are not going to die of a broken heart. I believe that a person can die of a broken heart but these are people that are elderly, that have been with a spouse forever and that have heart problems to begin with. In those few cases, then yes, it would be possible for someone to die of a broken heart. In your case, yes, it hurts, it sucks, it feels like you would rather die but the pain will not last forever and eventually you will be able to go and find a gentleman who is worth you, sharing your life with and having all of your love for all of your life.

    Good luck and cyber hugs!!!

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    Yes according to new scientific results.

    Scientists have charted for the first time how intense stress caused by bereavement can make someone "die of a broken heart".

    A British team has found that the regions of the brain responsible for learning, memory and emotion can destabilise the cardiac muscle of someone who already has heart disease.

    When we are under stress, these "higher regions" of the brain take part in a vicious circle of activity which can trigger harmful rhythms, researchers say.

    While it has always been suspected that emotional problems could put the heart under pressure, this was believed to have been caused by "primitive" brain regions, such as the brain stem sending messages to heart tissue. Bereavement has been one such unexplained problem.

    The discovery of a new relationship between heart and brain, published online today in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, reveals how irregular cardiac rhythms are triggered, which can lead to sudden death in patients with underlying conditions.

    Researchers at the Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging at University College London and the Brighton & Sussex Medical School (BSMS) studied 10 patients with specific heart conditions, measuring electrical changes at the surface of the skull.

    The patients performed the mildly stressful task of counting backwards in sevens.

    The scientists noted that activity in "higher level" regions, such as the cortex, not only reflected the responses of the heart to stress, but also became involved in a "feedback loop", often worsening the situation by making the heart muscle less stable.

    Dr Marcus Gray, from BSMS, said: "We know that stress can increase the risk of sudden death through cardiac arrest and that the brain areas responsible for regulating heart function can be unbalanced by stress. Our research suggests that the cerebral cortex may play a significant role in these events by becoming involved in a vicious circle."

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  • Bri
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    =[ I'm sorry for what happened to you..

    Being really upset like that can affect you physically though, it could make you really sick.

    I've been through the same thing, I know how hard it is. I tried focusing on his flaws a lot.. just to try and prove how I'm better off without him, that didn't really work for me though, hopefully it will for you..

    However the guy that I'm basically in a relationship with now, is the same guy that made me feel that way before.. so maybe there's still a chance for you and that guy?

    Sorry I don't really know how to help with this, it's really hard to handle.. but hopefully you'll be better soon.

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    A break up I presume, your heart isn't really broken. It could kill you in sense of becomes suicidal, or It may be possible to be so miserable you can die, but thats barely ever the case, and I think only happens mostly with really old people who just lost a spouse.

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    yes u can. What u can do is to commit suicde but i strongly disagree u to do so coz u wont know wad u do can hirt the most dearest to u like your parents... And it does not worth it.. Have a nice sleep and forget abt it i understand it can be difficult but do believe that there is always anyone who is waiting for u. Dun be too silly to commit sucide but think before u act Cheerss^^

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    I doubt that you die, but I am sure that you wish you could. Time heals all wounds and . Can you talk to a friend or family member. don't just brood all by yourself. Get some help to get you through this and good luck

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    Well really you can't die of it but you can come awfully close and depressed. i have lost my sould mate of 25 years and its hard to. but you know what you just have to stop thinking about him so much and move on that is what i am doing and trying to keep it up for him in your case for yourself. you can do it and next time you give yourself to someone thing before you fall its bestt o really get a head up on this persona nd find out what type of person he is and watch what you give to yourself and them take care.

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