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Questions about the process of becoming a Nurse?

Okay i want to become a pediatrician. So i will be fine as starting off as a nurse and working my way up. What kind of different nurses are their? I would prefer to work in an emergency room. And how many year(s) will it take to become a qualified nurse? And what degrees do i need to get? Thank you =)

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    A pediatrician is a doctor. You can't "work your way up" from being a nurse to a doctor - you have to go to medical school if you want to be a doctor. It's not like a promotion you get! I think if your ultimate goal is to be a doctor then you should head straight for medical school after you get your bachelor's degree.

    If you wanted to, you could be a pediatric nurse. You have to do about a year of prerequisite classes to get into an RN program, and then another 2 years to get an associates in nursing to be eligible to sit for your boards. I would recommend getting your bachelor's degree in nursing, however. That will take the same amount of time as any other bachelors - 4 years. Then you take the boards and become an RN.

    There are many many different kinds of nurses - in nursing school you get to try a bit of everything so you will learn where you fit best. I work in a doctor's office and I really like it, but I hated working in a hospital.

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    The nurse that make the most money are the ones who assist the doctors who while doing surgery

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