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Cichlids, black ghost knife, and african butterflyfish?

I have a 46 gallon tank and I was wondering if my black ghost knife fish and african butterflyfish would get along with any type of cichlids. If so, what kind and how many? Thanks in advance

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    Your only real options would be dwarves like Rams, Kribs, Apistos, Laetacara species, or a smaller Dwarf Pike. Also, you WILL need to either upgrade to a larger tank (around 75 gallons) or get rid of the BGK eventually... these are NOT small fish and cannot be expected to cohabitate well with anything in such a small tank.

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    4 years ago

    I trust almost each and every remark, yet I effectively housed 2 24" clown ghost knifes with an entire grown albino Oscar, alongside with a gar and an arowana . Timing is each and every thing and elevating fish that shouldn't flow jointly is an paintings....initiate with a super tank and small fish....They react no in yet in any different case than canines and cats...enable them to enhance up jointly.....reliable luck!!!

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