Hanna Beth Fashion Help!!!!!!!!!!?

Anyone give some pointers on how I can dress more like Hanna Beth for school???




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    Tops. Hanna wears everything from thrift stores to high fashion. Go to vintage stores, high-fashion stores, and thrift stores. Include stores like Pop Killer, H&M, Hot Topic, Wet Seal, Forever 21, etc. Lipstick Prophets is a must! American Apparel is also a must, hanna once worked for them and she loves to wear their clothes. Make sure to buy Hello Kitty tops, cartoon tops, band tees, fashion shirts, anything. If you want an extremely unique top, find little unique boutiques in your nearest city. Hanna also loves to wear plaid shirts

    Bottoms. Typical bottoms for Hanna include: tights, lacy skirts, petticoats, and tutu skirts. Hanna also wear light grey skinny jeans.

    Shoes. Hanna likes flats, wedges, ankle boots, basically anything. Shop for shoes that are in "high fashion'.

    Accessories. Hanna likes tiaras, long necklaces, bangles, bracelets. Shop for accessories with large pendants like rainbows, Hello Kitty, etc. She is into heart-shaped sunglasses. Handbags are always good. hanna has been sporting a LV bag lately as well as a giant leopard one. Another one of hanna's recent favorite accessories has been a black bolero hat.

    Putting a "Hanna" outfit together. Hanna has a very creative style. She loves to OVER ACCESSORIZE. When putting an outfit together, think creatively, and don't overlook what people think about you. Think cute, think different, think unique. If you have money, and want a unique touch to any outfit like Hanna has, go to newyorkcouture.net and jessicalouise.com.

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    Who is Hanna Beth? Can you post a picture so we can get some ideas?

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    Audrey Kitching has her very own outfits line. yet its small. So she basically has t-shirts on the 2nd. Audrey as quickly as reported in an interview that she buys her outfits off eBay, as they have greater form. look out for strange, quirky, option, scene form outfits. perchance even adjust them and perform a little D.I.Y attempt and picture exterior the container. i finished up making my very own stuff. perfect of luck

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    i love hanna beth.

    look through her pictures and see what she does.

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    oh i love her I've thought of that a lot and i came up with this


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