Can someone please give me a unique, unheard of name for my character?

I considered a name like Lilyana, or Juliet, but I was wondering if I could reach for something more unique for my character.

She has waist-length, raven black hair, a heart shaped face, with a pointed chin with large-wide spaced eyes. Her eyes are an earthy green color, and her eyebrows are fairly straight. For a better idea, I would say she looks like a teenage Olivia Hussey. Please help, thanks!


Please don't give me names that no one can pronounce! Thanks again!

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    What about~

    First Names~

    Lorelei~ Anastasia~ Natalia~ Odette~ Vivienne~ Mia~ Audrianna~ Zinnia~ Jocelyn~ Lavinia~ Freya~ Sonja/Sonya~ Kyra~ Annika~ Shayna~ Isobel~ Tatiana~ Elora~ Willow~ Adele~ Natasha~ Callia~ Kiana~ Avani~ Gianna~ Lila~ Adrienne~ Ursula~ Persephone (per-seff-oh-nee)~ Ciara~ Keesha~ Lorenza~ Bree~ Xanthe~ Danae~ Atalanta~ Catriona~ Aria~ Dahlia~ Vienna~ Mischa~ Anya


    Marshall~ Frost~ Grey~ Shire~ Adlow~ Norman~ Levan~ Archer~ Townsend~ Alcott~ Wynters~ Eckhart~ Jasper~ McBrian~ Owens~ Lake~ Kennedy~ Manning~ Talbot~ Van Wyck~ Roscoe~ Zane~ Trevor~ Montgomery~ Grace~ Foster~ Lord~ Abbott~ Irwin~ Lawrence~ Preston~ Ashford~ Kovac~ West~ Garrett~ Chant~ Hunter~ Lang~ Bass~ Stanley~ Black~ James~ Prescott~ King~ Grant~ Ainsworth~ Stevens~ Brown~ Monroe~ Hale~ Taylor~ Albert~ Sharpe~ Camden~ Wheeler~ Hewett~ Marsden~ Acker~ Barber~ Douglas~ Norwood~ Cheney~ Daly~ Laythen~ Roland~ Floyd~ Hartman~ Orwin~ Lucas~ McDaniel~ Lovett~ Greene~ Devereaux~ Knight~ Neville~ Traille~ Smythe~ Geller~ Baker~ Lind~ Boss~ Payne~ Jacks~ Kenneth~ Clare~ Warren~ Lynch~ Madden~ Watters~ Bell~ Wolf~ Lock~ Fleming~ Barton~ Moore~ Rhosen~ Fisher~ Allister~ O'Neill~ Bailey~ Corebett~ Faraday~ Dawson~ Wright~Crane~ Daniels~ Nott~ Cash~ Fox~ Long~ Hart~ Williamson~ Ross~ Murphy~ Chase~ Parks~ Hollingsworth~ Fletcher~ Thomas~ Novak~ Truman~ Duprée~ Wylde~ Adler~ Quarry~ Morgan~ Reid~ Hall~ Vernon~ McCall~ Cross~ Arrow~ Lane~ Griffin~ Ramsey~ Samson~ Little~ DeVane~ Scorpio

    If you use any of mine would you mind telling which?

    Hope this helps and good luck!


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    Well, two characters in my books are named Raffety and Murphy and think those pretty unique, but I probably would recomend a better name that for your chracter. How about Banshee, Chalice, Piper, or Willow?

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    You could name her Juliet. However - that's been heard of. Try being Stephenie Meyer and mixing two freaking names into one incredibly weird one that's unheard of.

    Source(s): Myself.
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    1 decade ago

    Maggie Baker.


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    Gwendoline maybe?

    Or Felicity <-- that means happiness.

    Or Caroline.

    Or Vanessa.

    Or Josephine.

    Hope you like 1 of those. ;-)

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    How about Terra? it means earth in latin

    Silvia could also be a name and i know that silva means forest in latin

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    Reminds me of my girlfriend. So use her name: Domenica. It's Italian for "Sunday," and it's pretty unique.

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    1 decade ago

    I don't know if this falls under the difficult name to pronounce category, but....


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    What do you think of that one?

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