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Ford Electric Vehicles ?

The Ford dealers in my area have absolutely know clue about the availability of an EV Ranger or otherwise. GM is going to re-release an EV (Volt), and Toyota has discontinued the Rav4EV, any one know where one can buy an electric car right now?

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    Taken From Ford Website

    Ford built the world's first drivable fuel cell hybrid electric plug-in: the Ford Edge with HySeries Drive™, and has already manufactured a fleet of Hydrogen fuel-celled Focus — helping to bring even greener cars to our future

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    Unfortunately the only highway capable electric car currently in production is the Tesla Roadster. Another unfortunate thing is all 600 of 2008 units have been sold and many of the 2009 are gone too. Unfortunate number 3 is the price tag is $100,000 and going up due to foreign currency exchange rates.

    The next group of electric cars are the Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEV) some times called Low speed Electric Vehicles (LEV). They have an upper speed limit of 25 or 35 MPH depending which state they're in. They are available in almost all states. Google names like ZENN, Dynasty IT, Miles Electric, GEM, ZAP. They are available now but have limitations being designed for putting around within 20 miles of home.

    There are a couple of highway vehicles coming before 2010. Both ZENN and Miles plan to have regular sedans ready by 2009. Another is Phoenix Motors with their SUT and SUV. Tesla has already started work on their affordable sedan, called the Model S, and hopes to have it on the road before 2010.

    2010 is going to be a magic year. Chevrolet will have their Volt ready by November for the 2011 model year. It's not much of an EV, only goes 40 miles then the gas powered range extender kicks in to power the car. At least 3 Japanese companies, Subaru Mitsubishi and Nissan will begin importing full Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV) that get between 80 MPC and 120 MPC (miles per charge).

    All I tell you is that you'll have to wait. Because in 2003 GM and the other car makers decided to DESTROY all of the EV's they had made in the pursuit of greed. See the film "Who Killed the Electric Car" for all of the idiotic details.

    Source(s): Film "Who Killed the Electric Car"
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    You can always look on Ebay. From time to time you can find a used Ranger EV or Rav4 EV.

    There was a Ranger offered on Ebay but it's auction finished already. I understand that there might be another one going on sale in a few weeks. He has been checking the EV newsgroup for any takers before he posts on Ebay.

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