What were John Smith's (from pocahontas) and William Braford's religious views?

I am doing a report on Jonh Smith and William Bradford. If anyone knows Bradford or Smith's religious views from back than, that would be great!!!

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    It's a good bet that John Smith was a member of the Church of England and Bradford was a Puritan.

    Good luck with the report!

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    What Religion Was John Smith

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    I would agree with Maci above.

    The Puritans were Calvinists and they believed in predestination (from John Calvin's work "Institutes on the Christian Religion). Predestination is the idea that God foreordained what would happen to you (including the afterlife) prior to the creation of the universe. There was nothing you could do to change it.

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    Please watch my video on John Smith and Pocahontas.


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    Source(s): Bloodline of Pocahontas
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