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Why does the bias media need 4 liberals (2 from the Democrat Clinton Admin.) to counteract 1 conservative?

Long Standing top Democrat strategist and Clinton White House Press Secretary George Stephanopoulus runs ABC's This Week program. He chooses who to interview, what the topics will be, what questions to ask and how to ask them to people he interviews as well as the round table. When Democrat Stephanopoulus has all the power and control of the conversation and the topics chosen why does he need 3 additional liberals including a fellow Democrat Strategist and co-worker in the Clinton White House, Paul Bagala to be able to counter act the 1 conservative George Will? Even with this huge advantage they still monopolize the time and only let George Will speak about 5-10% of the time. How can honest Americans consider this news or fairness?


Vincent wake up and loose the hate. Your answer to the main stream media on broadcast television on Sunday mornings is to complain that there are talk show hosts on the radio that are conservative. Silly argument. There are talk show hosts on the radio that are liberal. Well at least there were until the top liberal talk show host Bernie Ward got caught for homosexual child pornography and Nancy Pelosi as well as the other Democrats are helping to hide this. Is that justice? Is that getting reported? I don't think so. My point is that 4 liberals, 2 of which have a history of working for the Democrat President vs. 1 conservative that is just a journalist with conservative ideas is wrong. I hoped there was at least 1 liberal that had some sence of fairness though I ask too much. PS. Chris Mathews was Democrat President Jimmy Carter's speach writer and then worked for Democrat leader Tip O'Neil. Get a clue.

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    Seems like everyone's against you. But it's typical lib-speak. Even here. There's three against you to my one.

    You'll also notice on news shows, at speeches & rally's, & here on Y!A - the basic liberal tennant is to insult & shout to either anger you or not give you a chance to speak. They figure, wrongly, if you cant get your views out there, no one will be swayed.

    How wrong they are.

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    Liberals want to slam the good people's ideas of "is there anything left good in USA"? Not really. The Christians don't get a word in edgewise, I think there should be given more air time to Ralph Reed, and Alan Keyes.

    I am a conservative, properly very outspoken if you care to look at my answers to the questions that violetmom41 has written(me)

    I love to have Palin as VP and Eventually P. Since she is outspoken and won't allow the liberal lefts to bully her.

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    You could ask the same thing about conservative talk show hosts that twist the truth and are blind to reason. Why is it that you partisan voters are so completely closed minded? As an independent I can see both sides of everything clearly. You should as well. Just because you are a republican doesn't mean that you should see everything they do as right and perfect, and everything the democrats do as a sin. This is a true sign of ignorance. You're just following along with the rope around your neck.

    Just watch the video below, because even though it's comedy, it contains so much more truth than anything you'll see on a "real" news show. Maybe it will show you that republicans are not all peaches and sunshine.

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    same way right wingers consider fox "fair and balanced"

    all right wing nut jobs except the one liberal, Alan Colmes, and I think Hannity keeps his nuts and vocal chords in a mayo jar under the desk.

    Oddly enough both "liberal media" machines MSNBC, and CNN have right wing pundits with hour long shows(Scarborough, Glen Beck, Lou Dobbs)

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    Its hard to find conservatives who can speak without a script.

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