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Ronnie Brown, Fred Taylor, or Chris Perry?

Choose 1...

Ronnie Brown @ Arizona

Fred Taylor vs. Buffalo

Chris Perry vs. Tennessee

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    Chris Perry. Playing at home against a team thats going to have to rely on their defense since Vince Young is "hurting inside and out", means wearing them down on the ground and keeping them on the field. Taylor (and MJD) lost their starting guards last week; no good. Brown will do okay, but I don't see them running in the red zone and by the goal line.

    Perry is the safer pick. Not pretty, but safe.

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    I like Ronnie Brown @ Arizona.

    He took first reps in practice this week, over Ricky Williams. And that probably means he is starting, but even if he is coming off the bench, he'll outproduce Ricky.

    I love Fred Taylor, but what can a RB over 30 do when his offensive line is gone. There's nobody to protect him and he is only an average power back, compared to speed, finesse. Plus, Buffalo stuffed the run last week against Seattle, so I'd be cautious playing Fragile Fred in upcoming weeks.

    I hate Chris Perry entirely. Let's take a look at his statline from last week. 18 carries, 36 yards. Now he's playing the Titans. Albert Haynesworth anybody? Perry is less than mediocre, Bengals are a sinking ship, sit Perry.

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    Freddie and Chris have very tough matchups.....that leaves you Ronnie by default

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