Portal for Computer cheats?

hey i just recently found that there are cheats for portal on the computer and tried some out. I was wondering if anyone knows any that do not normally appear on sites like gamefaqs?

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    Portal Cheat: Cheat List

    All commands are done via the console. They must be enabled via the console option on shortcut, or enabled through the in-game options under the Advanced section of Controls. It is then accessed by pressing ~. (Note: Most of these require sv_cheats to be set to 1.)

    change_portalgun_linkage_id #

    Replace # with 0, 1, 2, or 3. This allows for separate sets of portals to be created.


    Creates a Weighted Storage Cube for your use.


    Fires an energy ball that can be used in solving puzzles.

    sv_portal_placement_never_bump 1


    sv_portal_placement_never_fail 1

    Portals can be placed on almost any surface.


    Will allow use of second portal placement.

    Portal Unlockable: New Title Screen

    When you beat Portal, you will get a new title screen for the game, consisting of a birthday cake sitting atop a table.

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